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Breaking Down Social Gaming Myths

Social Gaming is not excluded when it comes to myths. From online slots to Scrabble, let´s see where the myths lie when it comes to social gamers.

Social Gaming Myths

Today we live in an age where we have become so accustomed to certain things it is hard to imagine they once never existed. Social gaming is definitely considered in this category. Classified as any gaming that does not render a financial return, social gaming has become a massive part of life. Many myths still linger around the worldwide phenomenon that we now take for granted, and we’re here to toss a few of those out the window.

The Nerd Factor

How Social Media Is Changing the Gaming World

Yes, we still envision the typical gamer as an overweight kid with glasses and a pasty complexion. Today, the social gamer takes no weight, shape or form, purely because gaming is not just video gaming. It is gaming of all kinds on a digital screen. Therefore, the vision of gamers is false simply because there are now so many different types of gamers.

Today it is so common that people pick up a device and kill some time playing some form of game. To narrow these people down to what popular culture refers to as nerds is unfair, to say the least.

Social Gaming Is Not Social

A New Way To View Social Gaming

Gaming has never been more social than it is today. Where gaming used to be 1 or 2 players on a computer or gaming console, it is now possible to game with anyone sitting anywhere in the world.

Consider this: Grannies used to have to head down to the bingo hall to get their social fix. Many of them would attend bingo even though they despised gambling. Now it is possible for these people to play socially online, and they do not even need to play for money. This is indeed the case with award winning online brand mFortune, offering bingo as well as exclusive online slots games for all to enjoy. These same people can now also play Scrabble against each other on their tablets. This proves, if anything, that gaming is moving to be considered social, and people of all ages are included.

Gaming Is Bad For Us

health-pokemon-go-exercise-games-apps (1)
The Rise Of The E-Athlete: Why Gaming Is Good For Health

Of course, this could be true if you are glued to a screen most hours of every day. However, social gaming is now being used to heighten human abilities, and especially decision making. Anyone who has very little coordination can also gain skills through social gaming, such as driving and problem solving.

Online slots and gaming sites have also introduced social gaming lately, in a bid to enable people who enjoy a round of online slots but would prefer to play for no money. This might sound pointless, but it has helped in assisting players to drop the amount of money they were spending to enjoy their game of choice without the risks. This is but one example, however think of people who would love to bungee jump or get on roller coasters but can’t muster up the courage; it’s now possible through virtual reality, and comes without the life threatening risks.

Social Gaming Will Never Be a Sport

ARE YOU GAME? Brands are discovering the loyal fanbase for esports—but marketers need to play by the rules

Say what? If anything, eSports has proven to be an international sensation. Those who were never stars of the track now have a competitive outlet, and what an outlet it is. With spectators reaching the tens of thousands, and online viewers surpassing the millions, this ‘non-sport’ is proving to be more popular than many traditional sports. And with prize pools approaching USD $20 million these days it’s not as if the contenders are playing for peanuts or failing to show that social gaming can render a financial return.

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