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The Importance of Cameras in the Modern World [INFOGRAPHIC]

Since the beginning of the technological revolution, it had been imperative that the business world could embrace technological changes for the better. Now, we see just how vital technology is to our corporate eco-system, while people may argue whether it is for better or worse. Cameras are a big part of this, they are constantly changing with their capabilities developing as well. We are now at the point where a camera is just a part of another piece of technology (mobile phones) to the level where they are able to match many cameras dedicated solely to photography.

It’s hard to imagine how limited we were with cameras even just 100 years ago. They weren’t widely available and were definitely not considered a necessity to the point they are today. Most experience of photography by the public would be through newspapers and some pieces of advertising, with the latter being rare. Now, almost everything is communicated through pictures, you have countless magazines, newspapers, websites that are designed to inform and do so effectively through the use of pictures.

As cameras have developed they have become easier to obtain for the majority of the public. This has given us the opportunity to provide evidence of our own life experiences, and with this comes some important sources of information. For example, imagine if we couldn’t see the horrors of war and their aftermath. It would leave us oblivious of the effect that certain things have, the same goes with pictures that show us the hunger crisis in Africa. If we were not aware of this, we would have no reason to try and help. After all, how would we know if this were true or not without evidence?

This brings up the next point about cameras and their further evolution, video cameras. This is important because although still photographs can tell a major story, they can in some ways be limited. Video cameras have allowed us to further record our experiences, providing an even more detailed source of information. This began from simple moving pictures, worked on by great minds like Thomas Edison. Now, movies, TV shows and even just video sharing websites like YouTube are huge parts of all of our lives and it’s all thanks to cameras.

We truly do rely on cameras more than we may choose to believe, which is not a bad thing. As conscious humans, we like to learn and require more and more evidence to achieve that, which cameras have been able to provide us. If you are interested in the milestones in the evolution of the camera, check out the infographic in this article from


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