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A 2019 Guide To Improving Your Company Software

Running a business is one of the most difficult tasks out there. There are so many different things that you need to focus on and this means it can be easy to forget about certain aspects. How are you going to keep all of your employees happy and working hard? How are you going to set up your marketing strategies and reach out to new potential clients? Are your finances in check and are you making sure you’re generating profits? 

As I said, there are a lot of things you need to consider and a lot of people tend to underestimate this. If you’ve already set up your business, I take my hat off to you – it’s no mean feat and you deserve credit. However, I still believe there are a few things you could be doing to improve your business model. 

One of these methods is working on your company software. Now, this may seem like a boring and meaningless stage and you may want to focus on other things. However, if your software isn’t up to scratch then chances are your business won’t reach its full potential. Having everything up to a high standard will really boost everything you do and I strongly believe you should be doing everything you can to ensure your software is up to scratch. 

How do you make sure you do this though? And why is having good software so important? Don’t worry, I’m here to answer all of these questions today – here’s a 2019 guide to improving your company software. 

Outsource your software development

3 Pros of Outsourcing Your Software Development Needs

Now, I’d imagine you have a lot of desire to handle all of this yourself. It is, after all, your business and you probably enjoy being in control of every aspect. This is admirable, but while this is a smart tactic in other business areas I believe that you should consider outsourcing your software development to an independent company. Outsourcing has many benefits which I will discuss here—but, what actually is outsourcing?

To put it simply, outsourcing is the process of hiring a third-party organization that will develop all of your software for you. A lot of different companies have outsourced development in the past and continue to do so, as it benefits them for a number of reasons. If you choose wisely, the people you hire will most likely be highly trained professionals with a lot of experience in building software for companies like yours. They’ll sit and have a chat with you about your situation and know exactly what to do. Together, you can establish what you’re aiming for and work out a plan. After that, you can stand aside and let them do all the heavy lifting while you focus on other aspects of your business. 

So who are the companies that can actually do this work for you? The tricky part doesn’t come with finding a good one- there are plenty out there and they shouldn’t be too difficult to find. However, you need to make sure you select the company that you think you’ll work best with. This comes down to a number of factors. For example, they’ll need to be literate with a software program that you want them to use for your business. You’ll also have to get on well with them as you’ll be working together for an extended period of time and there will be a lot of interactions. To make sure you do find a good match, I’d recommend checking out the websites of different companies and figuring out for yourself what group of people will work best with you. If you want to check out one of the top software outsourcing companies out there, follow our handy link. 

So why should you actually consider outsourcing your software development? Well, there are many reasons. First of all, it’ll allow you to keep your focus on other areas of your business—and I can’t state the importance of this enough. Creating and developing software takes a lot of time and effort, particularly if you run a small business and don’t have the necessary staff to delegate tasks like this. By outsourcing your software development, you’ll free up a lot of time on your business calendar and you can focus on a variety of different things. This means you will complete other tasks to a higher standard and your business will thrive overall. 

Another benefit to this, as I already mentioned briefly earlier in the article, is the fact that your software will be developed by highly trained professionals. Software is really tricky to work with and hiring top talent professionals will put it in the best hands possible. They’ll know exactly what they’re doing and what kinds of software changes will be the best for your business, so make sure you look for the best company out there to hire. You’ll obviously have to pay for their services, but if you find a top group of people it’ll be well worth it and you’ll reap the returns. 

Working with an outsourcing company will also improve the security of your software. Unless you’re up to date with current cybersecurity aspects, making it all yourself could result in exploitable weaknesses that can be easily infiltrated. The last thing you want is your software being hacked and having all of your business plans and details leaked to the wrong people. If you choose to work with a top-quality company, the chances of cyber threats will be reduced significantly and you’ll sleep better at night knowing your software is as secure as it can possibly be. 

Tips to improving your software

Mistakes In Software Development That Many People Make

  • Use a customer portal. There are a lot of different aspects of how software can greatly enhance a user’s experience on your website and having a portal is one of them. Portals allow customers to easily navigate through your website and customize certain elements of it. For example, they can create their own accounts and have personalized settings for certain parts of the site. If they are keeping track of anything (waiting on results or tracking a delivery, for example), having a portal will also facilitate this. It’s a win-win situation. 
  • Decrease wastage by using electronic documents. We are all aware of climate change and other issues in today’s society, and we all need to be doing our part to fight the—particularly as businesses. By constantly printing out documents and whatnot, we are just creating more waste and this will only serve to take up room as well. Why do this when you can create the same documents online with your software programs and send everything electronically? Not only will this help the environment, but it’ll also make it easier for you to keep everything neat and organized. Stuff is much less likely to get lost if it’s all on a computer. 
  • Use online calendars. One of the hardest parts about running a business is making sure you remember all your appointments and don’t forget about anything; the aftermath can be pretty messy if you do. Having an ordinary calendar pinned to a wall may have its uses, but it’s 2019 and you may as well use an online one if you can. By developing your software in the correct manner, you’ll be able to set up online reminders so that you’ll never forget your meetings again. You can’t lose an online reminder, so there really are no downsides to these kinds of software adaptations. 
  • Keep in contact with customers. A lot of the time, some of the biggest customer complaints revolve around how difficult it can be to get in contact with businesses they are working with. I’ve experienced this myself, and it can be tough to even get a response in a lot of cases. However, you can combat this if you set up your software so that it’s easy for customers to get in touch with you. Even linking your websites to an email that you or other business members frequently use will be a huge help; make sure that you have ways to contact you in easy-to-see places and customers will have no trouble getting the help they need. 
  • Keep everything in one place. If you don’t have adequate software, it may be easy to misplace a lot of files and find them again at a later date. However, if you ensure your software is indeed up to scratch, everything can be grouped together in an organized fashion and you’ll never have to worry about these kinds of problems. Hiring an outsourcing company could help you with this as they’ll know exactly what kinds of software developments are best for your organization.

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