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Examples of Using PWA

PWA stands of Progressive Web Applications and it is often considered as the smart bridge to connect clients with a specific app in the most efficient way. Almost everyone is familiar with mobile apps and they know how it can make life easier. Smart developers can create the app with offline working capability which eventually increases the performance of the software to a great extent. The primary framework used to develop such kind of application is the Vue.JS. It’s more like working with the advanced JavaScript to ensure maximum engagement of the users. To get a clearer concept on the PWA, we are going to give you some amazing examples in these articles. And once you start finishing reading this article, you will feel the urge to use PWA technology.

PWA weather app

Building a Customizable Weather App in Vue.js

Information is power in today’s world. And to keep yourself tuned with the latest updates, you need to stay connected to the internet. For instance, consider a simple weather update applications. Unless it is connected to the internet, it’s not possible to fetch the information related to the weather. But with the help of PWA weather apps, you can easily access the weather forecasts on different time frames. For instance, you can opt for the hourly or daily forecast of the weather and most importantly, push notification features can be used in such applications. But what if you go offline? Here comes the beauty of the PWA weather app. The app will regularly sync with the cloud and make the store the required data so that it can present you with the necessary information related to the weather when you are not connected to the internet.

Starbucks ordering app

The Vue Handbook: a thorough introduction to Vue.js

Those who love to eat a lot knows the importance of online ordering medium. They always remain connected to the internet only to browse a different menu. But this problem has been mitigated with the help of the Starbucks app since customers can browse through the different menus without having connectivity to the internet. So, does this application requires heavy usage of the mobile device since it can manage so many things without having help from the internet? The obvious answer is NO. PWA Development in Vue.js optimizes the file size to a great extent. Let’s consider the PWA app for Starbucks. It’s 99.84 smaller than the native iOS app which means it much faster and lightweight. And the smart coders believe PWA will eventually start to rule the market shortly due to its ability to offer fantastic user experience.

JavaScript interview questions at

Those who are not aware of the app size of smart coding for the apps will get a clear idea how PWA Development in Vue.js can ensure an amazing experience to a large number of is often considered as the largest online real state platform India which have more than 50 million visits per year. Processing such huge requests online is a very hectic process and the users eventually get a very slow performance from site. After doing extensive research to solve this issue, PWA technology was used and now the visitors get access to the information 10% faster in all devices.

2048 game


Applications of PWA are not only limited to housing and other necessary work staff. Think about the 2048 game which launched in 2014. Due to the uniqueness of this game, it becomes extremely popular and more than 4 million users registered less than a week. Processing such a vast number of clients with the help of a regular iOS app is a very hard task. Considering all the issues, the PWA approach was taken to serve their clients and still now the game is serving millions of people and making their enjoyable. From this example it should be clear, large gaming companies who rely on the online streaming method will opt-in for solutions like PWA to reduce the latency issues. Unless you give fast experience to your users, you are not going to have long term clients. Work smart and learn to take advantage of modern technology to ensure your business growth.

Make My Trip

React Hooks- Understanding the basics

Who doesn’t know about “Make My Trip”? It is one of the largest travel companies in India registering more than 8 million visitors per month. But they are not having any issues to handle such a large volume of clients every month since they are already using PWA technology. Though they had to face huge problems at the initial stage after the implementation of the new technology, loading time reduced by 38% and eventually the bounce rate drop to 20%. So, if you are looking to deal with a large number of clients without compromising their satisfaction and comfort, you must look for PWA to make things faster and more efficient.

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