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Minneapolis SEO Power Tips For Getting More Conversions

Digital marketing is getting even more competitive than ever nowadays. Because of its effectiveness, more and more individuals in the business industry see the positive benefits of having an excellent digital marketing strategy in place. One of the goals to try and achieve is a high conversion rate, which refers to converting your site visitors and traffic into leads that turn into clients. One of the proven techniques to achieve the same is through Search Engine Optimization.

To learn more, here’s a list of power tips to help your digital marketing campaign have more conversions:

1. Use Analytics To Your Advantage

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One of the most accessible analytics tool that you can use for your website is Google Analytics. If you don’t have this yet, then perhaps now is the time for you to get it for your website. Google Analytics is beneficial in allowing you to study your metrics in order for you to periodically check and analyze where your weak points are, and where your stronger points are as well.

For instance, through Google Analytics, you can study:

  • The behavior of your website visitors.
  • What content they’re spending the most time on.
  • How often they visit your website.
  • What the most commonly bought products or services are.

Matters such as these will show in your analytics, and this can form your basis in tweaking your website from time to time to keep yourself relevant as well to the needs of your page visitors. The more pleased your site visitors are, the better your conversion rates will be as well.

2. Give Priority To Your Header Tags.

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When you think of SEO, perhaps the very first thing that comes to your mind is keywords in your content. Keywords refer to the evergreen words that are used by your site visitors whenever they do a search. But, SEO experts from Minneapolis, also suggest that the use of keywords shouldn’t only be limited to your content. You should also give importance and priority to your header tags.

Here are some power tips for you to keep in mind when creating your header tags:

  • The size of your header should at least be one to two sizes more prominent than the text.
  • The font size of your header should be easily readable, never in cursive fonts.
  • The words of your header should be easy to understand, and must also contain keywords.
  • Keep your headers short but concise.

Why is it that headers should be given paramount importance as well? Remember that before your site visitors even get to read the whole text, one of the very first things that will catch their eye is the header. When your header is catchy and inviting, it gives a higher chance of your visitors staying longer on your site. It also encourages them to want to learn more, and eventually end up purchasing the products or services that you’re trying to market.

When your headers are boring, long, and dull, you’ll find a drop in conversions. Instead of spending time on your website, they’ll immediately move on to another website, without even giving your site consideration.

3. Always Give Time To Study Your Market.

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Most website owners make the mistake of studying the target market at the beginning. This is wrong. Bear in mind that not all leads you reach are successfully converted into paying clients. This is the ultimate end goal and not merely just identifying and reaching leads.

Hence, it’s just as vital for you to study your market. In the field of SEO, this refers to acts that you do that enable you to know what it is your audience needs, wants, and what it is they want to see on your website. One of the effective ways for you to do this is through the following:

  • Creating a poll on your website or social media sites.
  • Asking for suggestions on the comments section.
  • Enabling a pop-up form for your audience to fill up.

When the needs and desires of your audience are met, they don’t just stay as mere leads. They’re converted into paying customers. When this happens, you’re successful in your conversion process.


The main goal of every digital marketing campaign is always to have a high conversion rate. Without this, all your efforts can be wasted. Now that you have these SEO tips to guide you, you have a higher chance of your digital marketing campaign to deliver high results for your business.  Keep in mind this basic rule: the higher the conversion rate is, the more profits you can gain. Are you ready to get started?

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