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Top Five High-Tech Stadiums That Will Impress You

We live in a high-tech world where technologies are being invented every day. They influence all aspects of our lives, including the entertainment sector and sports. Right now, sports fans can get the best experience of watching live games on the best and most high-tech stadiums. Find out what stadiums have the most advanced technologies and construction. 

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium


The number one example when it comes to high-tech sports stadiums is Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London. It is a home venue for Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. It was on the reconstruction for a long time. That is why when it was opened in April 2019, many sports portals like SportsAdda covered the news. The capacity of the stadium is 60,000 seats, which makes it one of the biggest in the world. The architect that designed it argues that it is one of the most high-tech stadiums in the world. It allows viewers from all seats to watch the game in high definition. Moreover, it was the first stadium that was split into three parts to slide seamlessly under the seating stands. The acoustic consultants also participated to achieve maximum amplification. 

Levi’s Stadium

architecture-design-Levis Stadium

The next high-tech sports stadium is Levi’s Stadium. It is a football stadium located in California, USA. The construction was fully completed in 2014 and the opening was a huge deal in the sports community. The capacity of the stadium can reach 75,000 people, which is very impressive. Huge high definition screens are installed all over the stadium to make the process of watching the game more comfortable. However, the main advantage of Levi’s Stadium is its concern with the service. Customers can use high-speed wi-fi at the stadium. Moreover, there is a special app designed for this stadium. It can tell you where to park, which bathroom line is the shortest and many other cool things. 

Gillette Stadium


The next sports venue on our list is Gillette Stadium. It is located in Massachusetts, USA. Although it broke the ground in 2000, it was under the reconstruction several times. For example, in 2010 two new high definition Daktronics video displays were installed. Moreover, it was the first sports location that provided free wi-fi to the audience. Gillette Stadium also has a special app where you can buy tickets, upgrade your seats, and even order the food during the game. 

AT&T Stadium


The number four high-tech sports stadium on the list is AT&T Stadium. The venue is located in Texas, USA. It opened its doors for visitors in 2009. However, it underwent a massive reconstruction in 2018 that cost more than 1,5 billion dollars. The quality of wi-fi, as well as doubled cellular capacity. To make the process of watching the game comfortable for all the rows, a huge HD screen of 180 feet is placed in the middle and rotates 360 degrees. 

M. Chinnaswamy Stadium


The number five high-tech sports venue is M. Chinnaswamy Stadium. It is a cricket stadium located in Bengaluru, India. It does not have fancy apps and food ordering service. Its value is different. It was the first cricket venue that uses solar power exclusively to power the entire construction. The project was finished in 2015 and cost almost 600,000 dollars. The goal was to establish a new era in cricket and turn all the stadiums eco-friendly. From this perspective, M. Chinnaswamy Stadium is a stadium of the future. 

To conclude, there are many highly advanced sports stadiums in the world. Surely, we will see even more amazing and inspiring technologies in the future. 

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