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The Ultimate Guide To Online Marketing

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If you’re new to the entrepreneurial world and you fancy getting your brand out there, you will need to become adept at using the web for the benefit of your business. Gone are the days of writing a radio jingle, commissioning a TV commercial and whipping up a billboard or two. Sure, these methods of marketing still have their place in your strategy, but you still have to look into the millennials communication method of choice to make an impact on the youth of today. If your business has a target market of 16 to 35 year olds, then you simply cannot afford not to have a strong online presence. Take a look at this guide to online marketing to help your business thrive.

Social Media

While social media is still a relatively new concept, businesses are quickly catching on to the power of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These online platforms are free and give startups a powerful vehicle from which to market their wares. Facebook is perfect for those people seeking to promote their excellent customer service reputation with space for testimonials and feedback. Twitter is ideal to share links to meaningful content on your blog and to encourage your followers to share your posts and expand your reach. Instagram is a visual medium perfect for creative industries. While you might not adore the idea of adding an Amaro filter to your product range, if it enhances the stylization that your customer base yearns for, then do it.

Social media is an effective way of driving traffic to your website. Your branding across every facet of your Internet presence should be the same. As soon as someone sees your color scheme or logo, they need to know that it is you. Becoming synonymous with your branding and having a coherent message online will inspire confidence within your potential customer base.

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Your Website

Every social media channel should link to a website rather than being discrete. Here you can really show off your brand and your startup. Have an ‘about’ page, an ecommerce page and link to a business blog. Here, you can post more personal and relevant content to your niche. If you work in finance, consider a formal tone. If you’re marketing your range of custom made baby tee shirts to yummy mummies, then develop a more chatty tone of voice as if you were meeting pals for coffee.

Designing a website isn’t easy. If you’re nervous about using a drag and drop website builder and you’d rather find someone with more in depth SEO knowledge then a web design agency would be your best bet to ensure the maximum traffic to your site. This will be money well spent as more hits can be converted into more sales, revenue and profit.

Being an entrepreneur and working for yourself makes you realize just how much responsibility falls on your shoulders. While you may never have considered online marketing before, it is now one of your top priorities. Follow this guide to ensure that your online presence allows you to compete with your well established rivals.

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