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5 Things No Graphic Designer Should Be Without

Do you want to be a successful graphic designer? And do you want to feel fulfilled in your work? Well, with studies showing that 75% of people think they are not living up to their creative potential.

Now we all know.

There are 5 SIMPLE things that a graphic designer needs, or they can’t complete their job:

  1. Software. Graphic designers use a variety of software to create their designs. Some of the most popular software programs include Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.
  2. Hardware. Graphic designers also need a good computer and a monitor that can display high-quality images.
  3. Creativity. Graphic designers need to be creative and have a good eye for design. They need to be able to come up with new and innovative ideas.
  4. Technical skills. Graphic designers need to have strong technical skills. They need to be able to use software programs and understand the principles of design.
  5. Communication skills. Graphic designers need to be able to communicate their ideas effectively. They need to be able to explain their designs to clients and other stakeholders.

Make sure you have those things. But….

Today we aren’t talking about the obvious things though, we are here to let you know that having the following simple but important items as a graphic designer is a win, regardless of your level in the field.

1. Unlimited Storage

Graphic designers consider storage as an integral part of the trade. You need to backup all your renders and designs somewhere, and they take up a considerable amount of space. Cloud storage has its perks and synchronizes up with all your necessary devices easily. The only issue is the limit when it comes to available storage space for each user, with the highest cloud computing storage being around 50 GB of storage.

Graphic designers need unlimited storage, and there are great options when it comes to online video storage, which offers up to one terabyte of space. This is roughly 100+ hours of clear HD videos and about 250,000 photos!

2. Spotify

In the world of graphic design, Spotify is a treasure. There is no better way to create a smooth workflow process than listening to your favorite tracks. Available as a mobile app or website, Spotify ensures you can listen to the right tracks to tune your mind and body into a singular workforce to create beautiful and stunning graphics.

You don’t have to worry about the disk space on your phone because you listen to music online, as long as you have a steady internet connection.

3. A Comfortable Chair

More often than not, an office chair is not thought of as essential. Not until you have to sit on an uncomfortable chair that has no lumbar support and is hell on your backside. A bad office chair will affect your health in the long run. That combined with the fact that sitting too much has been linked to early death will force you to get a better chair or get up from one completely (finish reading this article at least before you commit to a life of standing).

Being a graphic designer means you will sit for long hours, working on one project and that can be super tiresome with the wrong chair. Don’t be stingy— you’d rather spend more on a super ergonomic chair that has decent lumbar support than a chair with shaky armrests.

4. A Durable Backpack

You need to have a backpack to carry all your materials. When it’s time to leave the office after a long day’s work, a backpack will come in handy for all your nifty gadgets and tools. The number of gadgets that graphic designers own is more than a handful. From tables, styluses, and sketchbooks to mobile phones, wireless headphones, and snacks—you name it.

A good quality backpack made from durable material that is tear-proof is the best pick. You should also ensure it is waterproof to protect the integrity and safety of your items. Just like purchasing a chair, a good bag is a lasting investment that will serve you for years to come.

5. A Virtual Private Server

Though servers bear a hefty price tag, owning one is possible through virtual private servers or VPS. A VPS is a fully virtual server that is based on a physical server. Although virtual, it has all the perks of a bare-metal server at a considerable price point. A VPS has a small portion of the available resources found in a physical server, and that enables it to work seamlessly as a physical one.

As a graphic designer with a VPS, you can harness all the advantages it has to offer, including:

  • Lightning processing speeds
  • Fast landscape rendering
  • Lag-free editing

Graphic design can be overwhelming at times, but with these items at hand, you can relax and focus on getting inspired and having creative ideas for your next job.

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