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6 Ways To Make Your Business Website Look Professional

You may own a commercially valuable business, but without a professional-looking website, you risk losing customers. Your engagement rate can also dip since visitors are likely to be clicking away from your site if it does not impress them after about eight seconds. All in all, an unprofessional website will paint an unprofessional picture of your company; that can harm your reputation and ruin your business. The question is, how do you create a positive first impression on your visitors? Invest in a professional business website by following the tips below.

1. Choose the appropriate font size and style

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The wrong font size and style can make your pages look unattractive to readers. If visitors to your page cannot clearly see the information, they might not have any use for your website. This is likely to increase your bounce rates, as your visitors may not be interested in exploring further. Depending on the kind of service you offer, choose the right font style and size to match. Generally, black fonts on white backgrounds are easier to read. Some reputable companies usually prefer white spaces linking the texts on their sites as these bring clarity to the content.

2. Upload a favicon to your site

Your company represents your brand. Therefore, if you are building a website for your business, try to incorporate the element of uniqueness. With millions of active websites existing on the web today, a favicon can make your website stand out. But what is a favicon, by the way? Well, it is a graphical image (icon) that is associated with a particular website. Typically, favicons are displayed in the address bars of web browsers, and it could be the same as your business logo. When designed nicely, favicons bring professionalism to your website and identify you as a unique brand.

3. Choose expert graphic and web designers

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When it comes to establishing a firm online presence, having a professional website counts. But how do you get a professional website when you do not invest in professional web designers and graphic designers? Choosing experienced web developers to work on your site is a good investment because you can rest assured that they will build you a professional business website. You also need to hire the best graphic designers to add artistic value to your pages. Since a picture says a thousand words, let artists work hand-in-hand with web developers to craft a suitable site for your business. If you are looking for professional graphic design work that is cost-effective, then partner with Design Pickle alternatives such as Dark Roast.

4. Optimize your website for mobile devices

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Smartphones are taking over the internet by storm, with over 70% of web traffic being generated from mobile devices. For business owners, this creates the need to optimize their business websites to be mobile-friendly. Mobile optimization is the art of designing your website to be responsive to mobile devices. When you adjust the layout and design to accommodate the small sizes of mobile screens, you can bring lasting impressions to your mobile visitors and create a spark in your users’ experience (UX). Sometimes it takes just the right theme to make your website display as good on mobile devices as on a desktop. 

5. Integrate chatbots to your website

Statistics show that six out of the best ten mobile apps today are messaging applications. Therefore, business owners should not ignore the power of adding automated messaging apps on their sites. Chatbots, which are driven by artificial intelligence, can drive up your conversion rates. They provide quick questions and answers to your visitors while you are away or if they want to live-chat. When you work with the best chatbot providers, they can program intelligent bots to improve your customer service. Irrespective of the size of your company, you could still use chatbots to bring professionalism to your business.

6. Speed up your page-load time

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Speed also counts as far as building a professional business website is concerned. That is because customers usually do not have the patience to wait longer than ten seconds for a sluggish website to load. Apart from the tendency to drive visitors away, a slow website can negatively impact your Google rankings (SEO) since it signals that your site is not up to the standards. You can increase your page load time by uninstalling unnecessary plugins, optimizing your images, and tweaking the codes. 

The bottom line is that no one gets a second chance to make a first impression. Therefore, apply the above tips to design a professional business website once and for all.

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