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How Video Marketing Can Improve Facebook Advertising Campaigns

There are rapid advancements being experienced in the world of technology, and they have significant impacts on the operation of businesses. Every one of your competitors is constantly finding new ways to engage their customers and attract new ones. Technology has enhanced the marketing department of almost every company. One of the most popular aspects used in this sector is a combination of social media and video marketing.

Video marketing is nothing new in advertisement, but it has become more common in recent years than ever before. Today, more than half of marketing strategies are either entirely video-based or have some video-related content accompanying them. Apart from posting videos on your website or blog, you can also share them via social media, and the results will still be satisfying. So, how does employing an expert Facebook advertising agency enhance your advertising campaigns?  Read on to find out more!

1. Increases Conversion Rates

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Many companies see video marketing as an investment, and rightly so. Everyone would like to be entertained in one way or another, regardless of the situation. As such, by adding a video to go with each of your Facebook posts, you stand a chance of increasing the number of your audience. Most people are likely to watch a short video from start to end rather than read a 300-word post. As such, you risk losing potential clients when you use non-graphic posts to push your Facebook campaigns.

However, it’s worth noting that the content and presentation of the video matters. No matter how important the information is, if your video is boring, then you’ll be hurting your reputation. Therefore, it’s imperative that you employ experts, such as video marketing Melbourne (or from wherever you reside) to do the dirty job and ensure that all your viewers are satisfied. Adding a touch of professionality in your videos says a lot about the brand.

2. Videos Build Credibility

One of the main reasons why most businesses maintain their customers is because of the trust they’ve built. Any brand’s success depends on its reputation and how much the consumers trust the company. You can enhance your credibility by including video marketing in your Facebook advertising campaigns. 

Something important about online sales is that everyone would like to see an exhibit of whatever you claim to be selling. Of course, you can go ahead and take some pictures, then attach them to your posts. However, the best option is to take a video of those products, then showcase them while explaining how they’re used. By so doing, your viewers will believe that whatever you’re selling is genuine. This is one of the very important steps to achieving your goals in the world of business.

3. Enhances The Use Of Creativity

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You must have realized that as a marketer, it’s quite difficult to pass a given message to the relevant recipients through text or pictures. In fact, even if you manage to communicate through this channel, not everyone will understand the message the way you meant it. Video marketing, on the other hand, gives you all the options you need to create various types of content. As such, you have an opportunity to use your talents.

For instance, most companies today prefer using funny yet relatable videos for their advertising campaigns. As earlier stated, people like to be entertained, and marketing agencies are certainly taking advantage of this fact. A funny video will attract the attention of potential customers who will be curious to know the primary purpose of that medium. 

With videos, you can use skits, cartoons, or any other relatable thing to advertise your products. Once the attention of your viewers has been captured, it’s upon you to slowly introduce your products as the video grows. Inasmuch as it opens a window of opportunities, your level of creativity may still prove to be the determinant of the overall success.

4. Enhance Customer Engagement

In any business, consumer engagement is very crucial as it could define the company’s success. When you’re in good terms with your customers, they’ll stick with you even when things seem to be going south. The best way to ignite that engagement and strengthen business-consumer relationship is by using videos. So, how does video marketing help in this department?

Well, for one, your consumers will get entertained and will find it fun to view your posts. Of course, you have to be careful not to overstep your bounds when it comes to entertainment. However, if you get the right balance, you’ll build an active customer base. In the long run, you’ll start getting responses from your current and your new Facebook followers regarding your videos or products. Remember, this relationship is very crucial in your development as an upcoming or established business. 

Another way that videos make it easier to improve on customer engagement is the fact that it can reach all sorts of audiences. For instance, those who find it hard to read through long paragraphs are likely to find videos quite favorable. Provided you did a great job in the videos posted on your Facebook page, there are high chances that you’re going to get inquiries and feedback regarding various sets of your products. It’s upon you to make necessary changes based on what your consumers are saying.

5. High Retention Rate

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One is more likely to remember what they saw in a video rather than what they read in an article or Facebook post. In other words, it’s easier to memorize unique graphics and moving pictures than five paragraphs describing the same thing. In fact, over three quarters of video viewers can remember whatever they watched for several weeks, and that’s good news for your brand’s success. 


Video marketing has gained a lot of popularity in recent years and more people are opting for this technique as the main part of their marketing campaigns. One reason why you should try it out, too, is because it enhances customer engagement. As the consumers get entertained, they slowly learn more about your business. You also stand a better chance of turning potential customers to members of your buyers’ circle. Another thing worth noting is that consumers find it easier to recall a video rather than several paragraphs.

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