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What Is Cloud Video Surveillance?

Running a big business comes with a lot of responsibility. You have to take care of day to day maintenance, staffing and financial requirements. With all the time you put into your company, you want to do whatever it takes to make it successful and prosperous. You also want to protect it at all costs. That’s why security and surveillance equipment are crucial for any business.

Whether you work for a big corporation, a university or even local government, protecting your clients’ private information and keeping your products secured should be your number one priority. And with many options for how to protect your property, you may be wondering what the best option is for you.

The world of video surveillance has been around for decades, and the development of the cloud has made this software even more accessible. A cloud based security system connects you to your security cameras at all times. It provides remote access and an unprecedented amount of video storage. So as you’re deciding what security system may be best for you, investigate the perks of going digital and relying on the cloud. Let’s dive even further the ins and outs of video surveillance.

What’s the traditional method?

In order to understand the difference between cloud-based surveillance, you have to understand what traditional security tools involve. Standard video security involves an analog camera that downloads footage through a DVR that you can view on a monitor. While people worry about cloud services being hacked, it’s important to note that a traditional CCTV system is highly susceptible to data breaches. This can lull you and your IT team into a false sense of security.

Perhaps the most secure form of traditional video security is air-gapped video recording. However, while being separate from your network helps with security, it can make accessing your video storage a pain for you. So, while staying secure, you actually have less access to your feeds. A cloud camera remains secure while giving you the access control you’re missing with traditional methods.

What is cloud-based security?

The cloud allows for a much larger scale of network security. Not only does it simplify your system, but it also covers a larger scale of threats in a quicker, more efficient way. If you’re choosing to use cloud-based video surveillance, you’re getting a higher level of encryption and features that meet all of the latest security standards. This technology centralizes your security measures and provides real-time opportunities to keep your business safe and secure.

Cloud-based provides accessibility.

With traditional security cameras, you can only analyze security threats after they’ve occurred. Cloud security gives you immediate accessibility. Gone are the days of getting old tapes out to review a security breach, instead, you can access footage from any device. Your security applications are available anywhere thanks to cloud technology. That way, you can be on the move to stop an intruder from anywhere, not just from a single monitor.

Cloud-based security provides real-time updates

This increased accessibility allows for real-time updates and adjustments to your system. Your IT team can actively respond the second a threat is identified. These faster reaction times will greatly decrease the risk of attacks, whether physical or cyber. With cloud solutions, you can take a more proactive role in protecting your business and keeping your sensitive data secure.

The cloud also provides endless storage.

Free cloud storage allows you to keep more hours of video and recording on file for longer periods of time. A cloud camera simply has more space and wider bandwidth for continuous recording. The encryption codes and security measures also help to guarantee that your data won’t be hacked or stolen. Your cloud storage and recordings are safe for your eyes only.

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