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Understanding Today’s SEO Service Valuation

Search engine optimization or SEO should be as easy and plugging in a few headings with the right words, bolding a few phrases, and planting a lot of phrases that people are already looking for, right? That assumption couldn’t be farther from the truth. Today’s SEO design involves an intricate construction of content, imagery, media, and messaging that go to the heart of what motivates people to search for a solution. If a website destination can’t match these criteria, then it gets ignored by the search engines which are now heavily designed to focus on genuine valuable content versus generic marketing fodder. 

The Big Change

Why Google’s Search Page Redesign Is the Death of SEO

Much of the switchover in SEO design happened when Google put its foot down a few years ago with a massive redesign of its search engine algorithms. With a clear emphasis on looking for and finding real content that 1) was responsive to what people were looking for, 2) was original and not repackaged, and 3) was refreshed and replaced with new content regularly, the new Google algorithm reshaped the rules of SEO overnight. Prior to that point, tag-stuffing and heavy emphasis on keywords were all the norm. Overnight, all of that changed and, suddenly, sites that sat at the top of search requests on page one suddenly found themselves buried behind page ten. 

Matching Quality Service With Real SEO Environments

SEO Made Simple: A Step-By-Step Guide For 2021

High-quality SEO today requires a deep understanding of SEO analytics, which in turn are the metrics that help companies and site builders interpret search motivation. Add in the fact that much of the search is now in mobile form or even speech, motivation interpretation matters that much more for becoming truly responsive to what people are looking for on the Internet. 

High-quality professional SEO services also focus on heavy content building, relationship linking, networking, and presence awareness. All four of these elements build a site into a destination for an audience that keeps coming back for more content. This is the target goal for any SEO builds done properly. It’s not a one-time strategy; good SEO anticipates a long-term commitment to providing a reason for traffic to keep coming back, also making them receptive to new content and calls to action. 

An Example of a Responsive SEO Approach

How to Establish a Viable Long-Term SEO Strategy

A high-quality SEO service like Vazoola’s SEO package gives clients a comprehensive approach to SEO building instead of ala carte’ cobbling that leaves room for a lot of mistakes. Instead, clients get a foundation build of SEO resources based on real metrics and SEO analytics specific to the client’s business or platform online. That is then reinforced with technical audits that provide valuable feedback loops for where changes are needed so that limited resources are applied where they best deliver results. Competitive analysis also provides a critical comparative aspect to how the client’s position plays out against the most relevant competition in the same SEO market, and all of that research and knowledge is then applied in realtime to the client’s online platform and presence across multiple channels, not just a singular website location. The results speak for themselves. Vazoola’s approach is a proven formula that works in today’s heavy-motivation search environment. 

Yes, it’s quite possible for someone internally to do all the above on their own, but it takes a lot of time, energy, resources, and skill. If that’s not already available, it also takes years to develop. With Vazoola’s SEO package, a client can focus on their core strengths and missions and enjoy the SEO heavy lift being handled by Vazoola’s expert team, who are already up to speed and can hit the ground running. The combination allows a client to keep growing their company with what they know best and then seamlessly transition into a professional SEO presence online without rookie mistakes and misses. When you look at the whole opportunity available, going SEO with Vazoola just makes good sense. 

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