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What Is Delivery Route Planning Software and How Does it Work?

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With delivery services in high demand around the world, courier companies need to stay ahead of the competition. One way in which they can do that is by adopting delivery route planning software.

The software goes beyond simple GPS that finds the shortest route between two destinations. Route planning software schedules and sequences stops for fleets of vehicles to find the most efficient routes at all times.

Let’s take a more detailed look at route planning software and how it works.

What is delivery route planning software?

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Also known as route optimization software and delivery routing software, at its core, route planning software is able to find the optimum routes for delivery drivers to ensure they arrive on time at all stops on their routes.

Furthermore, it takes traffic congestion, weather conditions, and construction delays into consideration to update the best routes for drivers to take in real-time.

Of course, the software also clearly shows all stops on each route. It can show drivers the best ways to approach destinations, too, such as how to avoid difficult situations like crossing intersections.

The Various Features of Delivery Route Planning Software

There are lots of different route planners available, all of which come with certain features, so if you’re thinking of getting route planning software, you need to carefully consider your specific needs. Get started by checking out Circuit’s guide to the six best delivery route planner apps.

The best route planners contain even more helpful features besides the core route sequencing functionality. Look for features like:

· On-demand dispatching.

· Driver feedback and analysis.

· Machine-learning enhanced routes.

· Fleet visibility.

Furthermore, the best route planning software enables customers to be given precise delivery windows and tracking information to check the status of their packages at any time. That leads to happier customers, and happy customers are vital to a successful courier business.

Drivers will be happier too. They can spend less time driving, avoid backtracking, and lower their stress levels.

Of course, the courier companies benefit too. By using route planning software, delivery firms can reduce fuel costs and other expenses, ensure packages are delivered on time, and generate high customer retention. In turn, that means greater efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

How Route Planning Software Works

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In basic terms, when courier companies use route planning software to create optimized routes for their drivers, customer orders are loaded into the system and then the software’s sophisticated algorithms go through clever calculations, taking numerous factors and pieces of real-time data into consideration, to create routes that are the most efficient and meet other requirements.

It could take humans hours to come up with routes that use the least amount of time and miles, but with route planning software, the most optimal routes are created within minutes.

The software monitors each vehicle’s status continually and identifies any upcoming issues like bad weather conditions and road accidents to then adjust routes as necessary to ensure drivers are always driving the most efficient routes.

Summing Up

If you work in the delivery sector, regardless of the size of your company, you can increase your efficiency and ensure deliveries are almost always made on time by utilizing route planning software.

Time is money. So, by improving the efficiency of your operations with a route planner, you can make more deliveries in a day or cut back on driver hours. That means you either make more money or save more money, which in turn leads to higher profits.

Furthermore, when you use route planning software to deliver goods on time, your customers will be happy and use your services again and again. So, there really is no reason to not be using route planning software.

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