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Tips for Balancing College and Pregnancy

Many stressors happen to the typical college student. Add a pregnancy on top of that, and you have a whole plethora of things to worry about. Not only do you have to decide on the classes you will be taking or study for final exams, but it’s time to plan for baby showers, pregnancy pains, and, of course, impending childbirth. The good news is that even as stressful as it all can seem, there are ways to balance new motherhood with college. Below, you will find the best ways to balance pregnancy and college and how to be successful with both.

Having the Right Tools

One of the first ways to guarantee success in college while pregnant is to have the right tools at hand. From pregnancy to motherhood, you will find that having the right tools will make things easier for the transition while not missing out on college opportunities. For example, choose the right backpack to take the strain off your back. You’re already carrying enough that you don’t need to add any extra pressure with messenger bags that are hard on your back. When thinking of classes, try to plan for after the baby comes.

One of the tools that can make new motherhood better balanced with school is a hands free pumping bra. These bras are easy to use and discreet, so you don’t have to worry about bulky pumps while in class. This is the ultimate way to multitask and help you succeed in your college career.

Setting Attainable Goals

When it comes to pregnancy, there are many times when things can get out of control quickly. While you are in college, set attainable goals for yourself that are reasonable during your pregnancy. This can be a lighter class load or cutting back on some student activities. For example, you may have wanted to take summer classes to receive your degree faster, but if your due date is in the spring, you may want to wait until the fall. Be realistic with expectations so that you don’t become overwhelmed and fall behind in your studies. Another possibility is to look into online classes. Some universities offer online classes, which may be a better option, especially if your due date is approaching. Speak with an online college advisor to see what classes are available for your degree and see if online studies are right for you.

Having the Right Support System

Looking at parents who have successfully balanced college and parenthood, one main thing has been in common: the right support system. Having a support system means having a group of people, whether family or friends, whom you can turn to for emotional and physical help. Your support group can help through things like a big move to campus or the emotional toll that classes may be taking on you. Furthermore, once the baby is here, you may need help balancing parenthood and classes. For example, you may have a class that lets out at 6 P.M. but the day care center closes at 5 P.M. In this case, someone from your support system can pick up the baby so you can finish classes without the worry of missing any time.

Finding Success

Above all, determination and sheer willpower will help you be successful if you’re pregnant while in college. Make a vision board to help keep you motivated and think of the bigger picture to help get you through tough times. Set yourself up by having all the right tools, from backpacks to breast pumps. Plan ahead and look into day cares near campus and schedule classes around the day care schedule. Set attainable goals that don’t seem far out of reach, and know that you can always rely on the right support system.

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