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The Best Co-op Games You Can Play Without Paying Upfront

One of the most popular gaming-themed requests is the best cooperative shooter, or MMO RPG for a group of friends, or two players.

The desire to play in such projects is due to the possibility of communication and interaction with friends and the achievement of joint results by showing their personal qualities.

What is worth playing without prepayment in the company:

  • World of Warcraft
  • CS GO

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft has a subscription distribution system, but also offers all players to try out their project for free up to level 20, so that players can familiarize themselves with the product and buy a subscription if they like it.

Why WoW should be enjoyed by a group of friends:

  1. The ability to combine classes and work together on leveling, farming raids and PVP.
  1. Create your own guild and pump it together – it unites.
  1. Farm gold and help each other with equipment. If there is not enough money to get the necessary equipment, contact the SkyCoach service. Professional players will sell you the required amount of gold with a guarantee of anonymity and masking the deal from the attention of the game administration for security purposes.
  1. Study the system of professions and distribute it among yourself. If you are more than 2 people, then you can take all three types of equipment at once – light for warriors and archers, heavy for tanks and security forces, magic for magicians and healers.
  1. Master the content of past updates, get level 60 and sail together to explore the Dragon Islands.
  1. Fly on dragons after conquering the capital of the islands and completing the corresponding tasks.
  1. Fight representatives of the enemy faction literally at every location and earn PVP coins, which can then be exchanged for equipment with enhanced combat qualities.
  1. Go fishing or cooking together – these two professions do not occupy a game slot and can be learned by any characters. Fishing will help you earn ingredients for cooking and reagents for sale. Cooking will help strengthen the group with additional characteristics and help you master the preparation of feasts – dishes for many players for game gold.


CS GO has become free, but in order to open the competitive mode, you need to increase the game level.

Take your friends and play an arms race – this is a mode in which you need to make a kill with each type of weapon until it comes to a knife, the first player to make a kill with a knife wins the match. Each player will receive experience depending on the effort they put in the match – kills, assists, number of deaths.


The confrontation between terrorists and special forces on well-known maps, where the winner will receive a rank increase and lose it in case of defeat.

You need to learn the game economy, learn how to shoot well and communicate with each other in order to succeed, and do not forget about grenades.

You need to win 16 rounds to win. The match may end in a draw. Every 15 rounds, there is a change of sides, regardless of which team won it.

You have 45 seconds to clear the bomb. More money is given for killing with a semi-automatic weapon than with an assault rifle or pistol. Don’t forget to buy body armor, defusing kit while playing as SWAT and grenades.

You can only carry a maximum of 4 grenades, so choose them carefully:

Smoke – hides your movement and stops the advance of the enemy. Going out into the smoke is like death – the enemy will see you a split second earlier than you see him.

Fire, or Molotov – the explosion of such a grenade or Molotov cocktail creates fire on a part of the map and deals damage to everyone who touches the fire. Can be extinguished with smoke.

Blinding grenade – indispensable in skirmishes. If you look in the direction of the grenade, you will be blinded for a second and risk being killed. Learn to hear the sound of a grenade and turn away from it. Train instant grenades – Your partner throws a grenade, you turn away a second before it explodes and start an attack exactly the second after it goes off. Even if the enemy turned away, the chance of surprise is very high.

Frag Grenade – effectively reduces the amount of health of enemies if it explodes close to them. It can be effective in mass application. You can agree with your partners to buy three grenades and use them together at a certain point. If there is an enemy there, you will have a good chance to kill him with a series of explosions and get hold of their weapons.

Learn to shoot with a sniper rifle – it is better to immediately distribute the role of a sniper, but it is desirable that everyone knows how to play with this type of weapon. Often you will have to save weapons for the next round and the better your skill, the more difficult it is for enemies to knock the rifle off you.

The sniper rifle is expensive, but it often influences the outcome of many rounds. Sometimes you need to take a chance and buy a sniper rifle, sacrificing armor in order to win back the gap in the rounds. CS GO is sometimes an adventurous game and you need to use it in any convenient situation, while simultaneously developing self-confidence.

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