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The Brave New World Of Freelancing

There’s not an awful lot that we’re happy about as far as the past year, and a bit is concerned, but one hugely positive step forward has been the realization



Digital Art Tech: Today’s Top Tools for Modern Artists

Traditional forms of art have long inspired artists to flex their creative talents to produce some incredible masterpieces. However, advances in digital technology make it even easier to create uniquely


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Lessons in Digital Design: 3 Major Elements You Should Be Reviewing Constantly

Web designers always find it tricky when trying to maintain the balance between functionality and the website design to maximise the web user’s experience. For people that are learning about


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120+ Epic Color In Photography

If you are like me, you really love colors. I love all the colors of the rainbow, and I especially love when they are used creatively! Everyone also loves Photography,


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40+ Epic & Stunning Examples of Character Design & Storytelling Inspiration In Artwork

Everyone loves a good story. This week We’ve been talking about ideas and creativity outside of the norm – and I believe that character design is a pretty good thing


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45+ Stunning, Beautiful, & Inspirational Sci-Fi Fantasy Digital Art Designs & Illustrations

Holy Crap. This stuff is epic. Today we have a fantastic post for you guys – It excites my inner geek very much and I hope it does the same