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Urban Photography: Photographing Neon Lights

Urban life is a fascinating theme. It’s challenging, risky, and demanding. There are plenty of subjects to choose from and many stories to tell. Urban photography needs creativity and courage.


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90+ Epic Sign Design

These days we see signs everywhere. Reminds me of that song by Five Man Electrical Band that goes like this “SIGN SIGN EVERYWHERES A SIGN – Blockin’ out the scenery,


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iSkin Macbook Pro Keyboard Protector Review & Giveaway!

So you have a new Macbook Pro, or an old one, and you are a neat freak like I am and you want it clean all the time and hate dirt and smudges and what not, but they are so hard to prevent!! Well I have been using the iSkin ProTouch FX Keyboard Protector for my Shiny Sort-of-new Macbook Pro (its about 4 months old now) and have been extremely satisfied with the results!