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iSkin Macbook Pro Keyboard Protector Review & Giveaway!

Review of The iSkin ProTouch FX for MacBook/Air/Pro Keyboard Protector


So you have a new Macbook Pro, or an old one, and you are a neat freak like I am and you want it clean all the time and hate dirt and smudges and what not, but they are so hard to prevent!! Well I have been using the iSkin ProTouch FX Keyboard Protector for my Shiny Sort-of-new Macbook Pro (its about 4 months old now) and have been extremely satisfied with the results! I’ve used the keyboard protector for at least a full month now, and it has managed to be a time saver that I never thought would be so valuable to my Mac! Plus I like the blue color on mine, it makes the mac really POP with color! I also like how the keys are easily visible and doesn’t make me feel like I am guessing!

But will it throw my typing off!? Im not used to typing on “Microban”, WTF is Microban Anyway?!

Well, to be honest, the first time I applied the protector to my Mac, I felt a little weird. BUT within an hour of using it, it began to feel natural! Like it wasn’t there anymore! (Plus its kinda soft and cushiony on the fingies!) The Microban insert is easily installed on the keyboard just by pushing it in, it fits like a charm! But the more you type on it the better it fits into the grooves and finds its final resting place :).


Oh, So What is Microban? Well Microban technology is built-in antimicrobial protection that gives products an added level of protection against microbes such as stain and odor causing bacteria, mold and mildew.

Now you know.

And knowing is half the battle.

So Anyway, I was amazed with the benefits of having a Tiny Microban insert in my Macbook Pro Keyboard.

I am a really clean person (most of the time) and I found a ton of hair, dirt, food, whatever, In the little grooves of the protector. That was a lot of crap to collect over a months time! And that could have been INSIDE my keys! Not easy to get that out from inside a laptop mind you.

So here’s the kicker, To clean it, you just pull it off, and wash it with some warm water and a towel, and its back to being brand new! AND your Macbook Pro is happier because it never touched the ickyness that came from YOU! (Imagine how much stuff collects if you are gross and dirty?)

Also, Another benefit that I noticed, is that my Macbook Pro Screen was cleaner, because it didn’t have to deal with constant greasy fingerprints all the time when I closed it, Especially if you keep your keyboard protector clean!


And I dunno if this happens to your Macbook Pro, but I was getting a weird line of, I guess Dirt? Going across my screen after a few weeks of closing the lid on the laptop, it just appeared. something about how the keyboard area was designed, but this keyboard insert TOTALLY got rid of that! Its awesome now!

The only time I have to clean my screen now is when I actually sneeze on, or touch the screen accidently.

And God I try not to ever do that.

I hope you found this review Insightful!

I would give the iSkin keyboard Protector a Solid 4 1/2 out of 5 Stars, Those guys really know their stuff and built some Awesome skinning products!

You will not be dissapointed with this Protector, Give it a try! What do you have to lose, besides DIRT in your keyboard?

Now for the Giveaway!

Here are the details on the iSkin ProTouch FX for MacBook/Air/Pro giveaway on Twitter.


We are giving away 3 of these Bad Boys! (as seen here)

To Enter: Here’s what you do!

Step 1: Retweet this EXACT message on Twitter. Simply copy and paste the text below and post it to
your Twitter account. If you don‘t have a Twitter account, you‘ll need to get one for free here:

RT @andysowards is giving away a iSkin MBP Keyboard Protector, go here to learn how to enter:

Step 2: Follow me on Twitter. You can follow me by visiting the link below and clicking on the “follow“
button below my picture.

Step 3: Follow iSkin on Twitter. You can follow iSkin by visiting the link below and clicking on the “follow“
button below their logo:

NOTE: Contest will be ending Sunday, July 26th, 2009. All winners will be chosen and announced the Day After(Monday).
Winners will be contacted via email, so please leave a comment here using your valid email address saying that you entered, I will contact you and request you to give me your Full Mailing address, as well as what color keyboard protector you would like. Winners are selected at random and will be Final.

That‘s it! Good Luck Everyone! As soon as you complete both of these steps, and leave a comment here with your valid email address, You will be entered into the contest and notified on Sunday if you are a winner!


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    I Want one!!! I bought a MacBook Pro recently, still doesn’t arrived, i have to wait 2 weeks for it!!, the iskin would be looking really nice on my new mac! (sorry for my english)

  17. 17
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    I would love to have the new iSkin!!

    Andy I love your posts I found some great things I can use just from your daily posts! Thanks

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    Twitter: @qwertyriffic

    Are we allowed to enter multiple times?? If not, sorry about that because I RT’d the message like 20 times or something!! lol

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    This is one awesome post!
    I have entered.
    RT and added you guys!

    Great stuff. Keep it up. Awesome invention for sure!!

  38. 38

    Thanks for participating guys! I really appreciate it!

    @Michael – I have not used moshi’s keyboard protector so I don’t know, sorry! I do know that this one is pretty awesome, my favorite of any i’ve tried so far

    @Sarah, I believe it fits all macbooks/macbook pro/ and macbook air, check the iSkin site to be sure tho

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    Thanks for the reviews… Love your site! I’m putting myself in the drawing

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    Entered Twitter @deafninja

    one question, compared to moshi’s keyboard protector… Better or same etc.?

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    Awesome!! I am totally in this giveaway!!

    Thanks to superaznbrothers for tweeting about this!!!

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