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Five Free or Open-source Real Estate Software Titles That Can Help to Make Your Job Easier

The Real Estate industry is about as cutthroat as you’ll find. Not only are you in competition with every agent in your region, but you are also given to the


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Growing Your Small Business IT on a Budget

Business growth almost always means infrastructure growth – and since IT systems represent the backbone of most company’s sales, management and marketing systems, any kind of growth tends to require


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Why Magento 2 Service Is a Necessity For Any Ecommerce Store

The technological advancement has led many people shifting towards online shopping as it is more easy and efficient with time. There are many online stores that have been developed from


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An Introduction to Usenet

In the Beginning, the Internet was all Text Once upon a time, the Internet was mostly text. HTML existed, but it was interpreted by a text-based browser called Lynx. If


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#WDNDL For 10/07/2009 – Programming Resources! Tech News, Tutorials & Inspiration!

Company that won $585M from Microsoft sues Apple, Google – Ars Technica omg how ridiculous Honda’s New Electric Car Includes a Robotic Unicycle : Gas 2.0 Love this car, such


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