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Is Bad Data Destroying Your Retail Business?

Your retail business is collecting data every day, and that data can be used to order products, set prices, manage marketing campaigns, and improve the customer experience. Bad data, however,


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How to Increase Sales for your Retail Store

With any business, it’s important that you keep your profits high and your expenses low. If you work in retail then this usually involves buying products for a low price


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Location, Location, Location And Why It’s So Important In Retail

In today’s market of everything digital, there’s no denying that physical retail stores have something of an uphill battle to fight. However, they do have two tools to use to


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Why Order Fulfillment Is Key To E-Commerce Growth And The Optimization Of Your Business

The rapid growth and expansion of e-Commerce is very real Thanks to the wide reaching spread and impact of the Internet, e-Commerce – the process of selling and buying products



Using Big Data & The Internet Of Things (IoT) to Revolutionize Your Retail Business

Before the web, cookies, and tracking were common, getting a data set big enough to help you see the buying trends and shopping habits of your customers took a lot