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Why Should Your Business Support Charitable Organizations?

70% of millennials admit to patronizing companies that regularly support genuine causes. Giving back to society has tremendous benefits to your business. Moreover, you do not need much money to


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The Evolving Sales of Technology

A line from the popular documentary The Social Dilemma has circulated around the internet. “If you are not paying for the product, you are the product.” The money-making of technology


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Importance of Understanding Business

Business and Investing There is a huge connection between business and investing. These are two interconnected fields that have a lot in common with each other. You need to do


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How is Tech Changing the Way You Live?

Sometimes, it feels like tech is all we talk about. We discuss the new phones hitting the market, the tech we have introduced to our homes to make life easier


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Has Technology Impacted the Role of Librarians?

The continuous advances in technology have been changing the way we live and the way we work for quite a while now. This applies to almost any field of work


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How Technology and Innovation Influence Our Daily Lives

Before you went to bed last night, what did you do to make sure you woke up at a certain time this morning? You set your alarm clock. But more