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5 Tips To Help Secure Your Software Deployments

Security is arguably one of the most important factors in software development – thanks to the rise of cybercriminals. According to Forbes, a culture of security begins at the top.


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DDoS Update: Something Old, Something New

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are in the news again. Long-term DDoS trends continue their upward spiral, and RDDoS, a mashup of DDoS attacks and extortion threats, become a


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Emerging Security Technologies to Consider in 2021

Technology has become the driving force for the modern world as it dominates the contemporary age. It has paved the way in almost every industry and even in households. People


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8 Ways To Secure Your Software

Virtually all businesses and organizations today use the internet and online platforms in one way or another. This has resulted in many amazing benefits such as efficient working environments, digital