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#WDNDL For 4/10/2009 – Moo Tools/Interface and #followfriday Edition! Nerdy Daily Links

YAY! Friday is here!! Enjoy the #followfriday and Enjoy todays Nerdy Links! Featuring the new shortened name of #WDNDL so if you ever need the latest, just do a twitter search for that or just visit the site ;), Thanks to @iamkhayyam for helping me realize it was time to shorten the name haha. Thanks everyone for all the love and support, I appreciate you all! Now Get your Daily Nerdy Web Development/Design Links!!

My Fav #followfriday Picks (in no particular order) – This is going to be updated weekly now, so its gonna get pretty huge 🙂

Web Development/Designer Resources, Inspirations and Entertainment!!

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    Just wanted to echo Manda’s sentiments. There’s something to be said for someone who takes the time to collect and filter good content for others. You’ve clearly done a tremendous job of that here. Thanks for including my post Andy!

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