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30 Inspirational Examples of Black and White Business Card Designs

Business cards are an important tool to spread your network and reach out to potential clients. This proven and timeless technique has helped millions of individuals involved in different businesses to reach out to future clients and make their living. The information presented on business cards has not changed much over the years, however a drastic transformation is noticeable as far as the appearance and presentation of these vital details on the card.

The retro look of business cards is in vogue these days. The blend of the black and white color has an elegance that cannot be compared with any other color combination. This important factor has led many entrepreneurs to opt for this particular combination while designing a business card. The designers can stylize the business cards in many different creative ways by using these two contrasting colors. Since exchanging business cards is an important marketing technique, it needs to be really eye-catching so that it creates a positive impression in the prospective client’s mind.

If your upcoming project demands designing a unique and innovative business card using these two colors and you are finding yourself absolutely clueless, then this post is definitely going to help you out. We have listed some of the most creative black and white based business cards in this write up. It will give you an idea of how a designer can stretch his or her imagination using this combination, thereby encouraging you to come up with an equally unique concept. Enjoy!

1. Film Director Business card

Film director creative business card to catch your clients attention.

2. Bent Art Space

Business card and Logo for New York based galleries – Bent.


Business cards and Card holder (Cassette case).

4. Kitty's Beauty Parlors Letterpress Business Cards

Letterpress Business Cards | printed on 236lb cotton paper.

5. Uno design

Business cards for design studio.

6. Minimalistic Business card

Minimalistic profile corporate business card to catch your clients attention.

7. Personal Trainer Card

Great interactive card that shows the results of an effective personal trainer. Sticker can be peeled of to show before/after body of a toned physique. The card is made out of PVC which makes it easy to peel and stick.

8. Smoke Dust

Smoke dust Corporate business card to catch your clients attention.

9. Dirty Media

Business card for a Las Vegas based media company.

10. Noise II Business Card

Noise II is next Business card made to think about web masters and graphic designers. It look very modern and delicate, each layer is modifiable and do not forget that this business card template is free!

11. Hitman’s Business card

12. Business Card for Electrician

Electricity is your business ? Can your potential clients or business associates find you with your current electrician business card?

13. Elizabeth May bury Business Cards

14. Kollcaku Law

15. Acme Art and Design Business Cards

16. Zen Business card Black

17. Air controller business card

Air controller corporate business card to catch your clients attention.

18. Slums Business Card

A good business card template for people who don’t want to show that they are rich. This business card template is an essential tool in any freelancer’s arsenal.

19. Business card by Batdans

20. La Connexion

21. Black Heart Brewery

Black Heart Brewery required business cards as part of their launch process to give to prospective buyers. In a growing industry they needed to be memorable and create interest as well as being a good representation of the brand.

22. Steven Whiteley

Steven Whitely is an upstart builder in Philadelphia, PA who wanted to compete with the "big guys". To do that, he needed a business card that would be unique, memorable, and also indicative of the creativity and attention to detail he provides on a daily basis.

23. Business card design by Markus Tsang

24. Tinted

Tinted is an automotive mobile tinting company.

25. Barber's business card concept

Creative business card!

26. Brechin Maclean

Branding and stationary design including letterpress business cards.

27. Musical Business Card

28. Typography Business Card

29. MK Media Business Cards

Business card design for MK Media, Cotton material covered back for great texture and static front to represent the nature of MK media's business.

30. CLAPPER BOARD Business Card Template

CREATIVE CLAPPER BOARD Business Card template suitable for any creative company, graphic designer, movie producer, actor etc..

What was your favorite Black and White Business Card? Have you designed any of your own? Let us know in the comments – we would love to hear from you! Thanks for reading!

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