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19 Free High Quality Resources That You Must Have

Website design elements, such as vectors, fonts, and icons, are often free for the asking, and it is not difficult to find a resource from where they can be downloaded. There is for example, an abundance of free photos, but as is often true with other things that are free, their quality may not always be the best.

Finding the exact design elements you need can involve a good deal of searching. Some providers are well organized while others are not, and some providers offer higher quality design elements than others. Taking the time to find what you want can pay off in terms of the overall quality of your product, and the time you can save in delivering that product. 1001FreeDownloads’ well-organized, time-saving selections of quality photos, vectors, brushes, and more can be the ideal solution to your search for website-building material. The examples given here, starting with textures, will show you what you can expect.

Textures: A Missing Element in too many Sites

Textures can be fun to work with. They can serve as backgrounds in various building blocks like headers or sidebars, they can be used as boundaries, and textures can be often be used to great effect as a background on a page that consists primarily of text, or a home page that consist of only a few design elements, such as vectors and icons.

You can sometimes pick a texture that relates nicely to the theme of your website, but these design elements are normally chosen based on their contribution to the appearance or attractiveness of a website, page, or a blog. As you can see here, textures can be fine or rough, and they come in every imaginable color.

Blue Stone Texture 7


Blue Stone Texture 8


Cracked Cement Texture 8


Patterns – Loud or Subtle; Take Your Pick

Patterns can be used in several ways. They can be used as a point of emphasis, particularly when they relate closely to a websites theme, or the can be used subtly, as if hinting of an ideas without quite saying it. They can be time-consuming to create or customize, but as there are so many different types that are free for the asking, it usually makes more sense to search rather than build your own.

There are, for example, many different ways the Seamless Pack pattern shown here could be put to good use, especially when you take into account the fact that patterns, like many design elements, can be edited and customized. Try to visualize how you might use the patterns or parts of the patterns you see here.

Seamless Smooth Criminal


Stripe 1 Patterns


Brushes – A Smoking Brush has Many Uses

Brushes represent another set of design elements that would tend to be extremely difficult to create manually. If you had only a few of these design elements to work with, they could be applied in a variety of ways. They could be shaded lighter or darker, or changed in color. One of the smoking brushes, shown below, could for example used in its entirety, used repetitively, or used partially. Photoshop has an outstanding selection of brushes, including those shown here. Brushes can be subtle, beautiful, or dynamic, but however they are used, they are definitely time savers.



Smoke Brushes


The Importance of Theme-Compatible Fonts

Font choices can make or break a website. Fonts can, and usually should relate closely to a website’s theme or purpose. More than one font can be used on a page of course, and is often done for purposes of emphasis.

Unless there is some reason for making things difficult for the viewer, a font should be readable; not clever. Those shown here differ in style, particularly Authentic Hilton, but all are easy to read. Quality can vary, just as is the case with other design elements, but if you look in the right places, like you are doing now, quality will not be an issue.

Prosto Sans


Ostrich Sans Heavy


Authentic Hilton


Use Vectors to get straight to the Point

Vectors are excellent for emphasizing a point. They can be fun to work with and enjoyable for the viewer. A vector can be looked at as a photo with all of the nonessential detail stripped away, and as such can often be as good as a photo in delivering a message.

Most TV ads use photographs or video, but there are many that skillfully employ vectors to deliver a similar message. Vectors are normally quite easy to incorporate into a web page design, and the variety of downloadable vectors is practically limitless. A few selections of vectors, such as those shown here, can have many uses.

Multimedia Elements


Geometric Illustration 7


Geometric Illustration 43


High Quality Photos are Yours, if You look in the Right Place

There are so many photos, including those that are free for the asking, that finding one or more to suit your needs should not be difficult. Unfortunately, photos tend to vary in quality to a greater degree than most other types of design elements, and the sheer number that are available can actually make finding just what you want more difficult.

Browse through our selection of photos, several of which are shown here. You will find it easy to narrow your search to a given subject or theme, and you will find the quality of these photos is uniformly excellent.

Sea and Land Seen from an Airplane


Wind Turbines Seen from the Road


Greek Mountain Landscape


Icons can be more than just Icons

There are shopping cart icons and shopping cart icons with Pizzas. There are Icons that point to a destination, and ones that invite you to go to that destination. Icons are in many respects the workhorses in a web page design, but they can add a touch of class to a web page, and a website, as well.

Free Icons are plentiful but like other design elements, their quality can sometimes vary significantly, causing more than a few web designers to create their own. You are of course quite free to do so, and you are even encouraged to do so if you enjoy creating your own custom material. Even if this is the case, take a little time to browse our offerings. The chances are you will find more than one you will want to use.

Beautiful Flat Icons by ElegantThemes


Science and Technology Icons


Home Icons


Hopefully, what you have seen here has sparked your interest in exploring further what we have to offer. There is no need for your search for high quality items to resemble searching for a needle in a haystack. Every element in every one of the categories discussed here is of superior quality, and they are right at your fingertips.

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