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Improve Conversions with Speed [Infographic]

Running a website can be a stressful ordeal, fraught with difficulties that must be overcome and metrics that must be measured and tweaked. For a small business, understanding how to improve website conversions or reduce bounce rates could be the difference between success and failure. Site speed has always been an extremely important factor in increasing conversions, because let’s be honest – who wants to wait for a shopping cart to load? Recently Google has also started to factor site speed into their ranking algorithm, essentially ranking significantly faster sites above slower sites because of the improved user experience.

The infographic below from SingleHop gives a great overview of the importance of site speed and includes resources you can use to optimize your site and decrease your site’s load times. Utilizing a CDN, stripping your website of flash plugins and investing in quality infrastructure like a virtual private cloud can give you excellent results and help you position your website to grow and scale rapidly and easily. Understanding the infrastructure behind your website is an important step in designing the best user experience possible for your users. Test the speed of your site frequently, make continued improvements and watch your conversions skyrocket!

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