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Claim a “Launch Pad” Space for your Morning Routine

Celebrities always look nice, don’t they? Well, they ought to: they have plenty of money for personal stylists, personal shoppers, and everyone and everything else they need to look and feel their best. Celebrities even have the resources they need to improve their public images – imagine if we could all afford PR people to smooth over the rough spots in our biographies? That would be nice.

But not everything a celebrity has at his or her disposal is out of your reach. You can cop one important part of their set-up in just a few square feet of your home.

Picture a celebrity about to take the stage or get on camera. They’re in their dressing room, of course – but what is a dressing room? It’s a space for preparing to look good, and with some smart space management and a few key additions, we can each create a space like that in our own home. Use a space like this as a “launch pad” to start your day – and a “landing area” to end it – and you’ll spend the time in between feeling confident and looking good.

It’s not vain to have a vanity

Launch pad 1

So what should your launch pad look like? It should have some space, a mirror, some storage, a flat surface, and a chair. One thing that checks all the boxes is a vanity – which, despite the name, is no self-indulgent luxury. But if a full vanity isn’t for you, you have other options for outfitting your launch pad.

The thing you’ll need most is a mirror, so get a nice, high-quality mirror that makes you feel comfortable and classy but still gives you plenty of surface area to check out everything you need to. A chair and a table (or, as mentioned, a vanity – which should come with a mirror on it) are great to have, too.

Everything within reach

Launch pad 2
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Now you have your space, so outfit it with the tools you need to prepare for the day. This is where your cosmetics should go (this bit is mostly for the ladies, though there are plenty of cosmetic products for guys, too!). Put your creams and combs and everything else you need to start or end the day here, too – remember that this is your launch pad and landing spot, a safe and comfortable place to start and end each day.

Keep your wardrobe close

Launch Pad 3
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The key to gaining a comfortable launch pad is to have everything at your fingertips. If your clothes are all clear across the room or – even worse – in a different room, you’re not going to trek back and forth trying on different outfits.

Instead, make sure your launch pad is right near your wardrobe. That way, you can look at a few options in a very short time. It’ll feel easy and comfortable, not vain or difficult, and it’ll help you make sure you’re not wandering out in the world wearing something that clashes.

Your jewelry should be close by, too – perhaps on your vanity or atop a nearby dresser. If you can grab something without leaving the mirror, that’s ideal. Jewelry is for men, too, these days – men might have a bit less, so look into a catch-all tray or a small box as an option. All that matter is that it’s close.

Take a few minutes

Launch Pad 4
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Once you have your dedicated “launch pad” space, you can indulge in a miniature version of the ritual that celebs go through every time they get in front of camera. Having everything close at hand means you don’t have to take a huge chunk of your day grabbing different things to pose with. You’re busy, and you’re not vain – all you need is a minute or two to decide on shirts, tops, and jewelry. A morning ritual like this can calm your morning rush and help you feel confident and attractive as you head out to face the day.

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