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What’s on your iPod? 50+ Inspirational Apple iPod Design Illustrations, Artworks, & Customizations

Ok. So I’ve been listening to the Steve Jobs Biography while I work (yeah no time to read lol) and I had completely forgotten about all of the “What’s on your iPod” stuff when everyone had an iPod and it was highly advertised all over the place and if you didn’t have an iPod you were a n00b. (I never actually had an iPod so I guess I was a n00b with a regular old mp3 player haha) But when I heard that and remembered back to the early 00’s I felt a bit of nostalgia, and imagined all the cool iPod related things I had seen. So in this post I found some of those awesome iPod related Artworks and Illustrations (and some photography of customizations too!) that you creatives will be inspired from (and probably bring back some memories!)

enjoy 🙂

So… What is on YOUR iPod? (It is probably an iPhone or iPad …or iPod Touch now.)

Do you remember your first iPod? What does the iPod mean to you! Leave it in the comments below!

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