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60+ Cool Shoes Art

Shoes, we all wear them. Most of us love them. Geeks have worn more or less the same style shoe over the decades until the past 10 years or so when shoe design really became diverse. Growing up we didn’t have a whole lot of choice, not many shoes were that cool. But today there is no excuse to wear an ugly, un-cool shoe! To get you inspired today we have some cool examples of shoes and art related to shoes! Whether you are working on a fashion design for a new shoe, or just a new graphic for your next project – there is something here for everyone! Take a look at these epic shoe artworks as well as the stunning shoe concept designs (and some real life shoes that are already out you can actually get now – the future is here! Lol)

Dive in and enjoy!

Zombie Stomping Pumps! For the geeky ladies! So Cool!

Man. Women have the coolest shoes now. I am a little jelly now haha

So Awesome! What geek girl would not want these as a gift!? WERE WOLVES! CMON! lol

SO AWESOME! Must. have. Captain America Shoes. These are kids shoes though I believe

OMG NINJA TOE SHOES. So Awesome. My geek self would rock those.

Need Moar Shoe Design Inspiration!?

120+ Creative, Beautiful, & Custom Shoe Design Inspirations

What was your favorite shoes guys and gals? Have some shoes we just gotta see? Let us know in the comments below!

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