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After The Site Launch – A Marketing Tutorial for WordPress Developers

WordPress is an amazing content management system that gives wide flexibility to developers to come up with great solutions. When it comes to launching a website, WordPress developers can always do better with some marketing tips. This is exactly what this post is about. Read further and you will find out about some of the really superb marketing strategies that WordPress developers can use after the launch of a website. These strategies will ensure success for your theme or plug-ins.

1. Find out who needs your solution

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First and foremost, you should spend some time on social networking sites, forums, discussion boards, communities etc. The idea behind doing this is that you can use their search tools to find people who are looking for the solutions you provide. You can then post a reply with a link to your marketing site. You should let them know how your solution is going to make life easier for them by fixing all their problems. However, it is important to remember that you should not post too much Spam. If you are using Twitter to look out for people who may need your solution, then you should not use the same tweet template every time. This is because if they notice that your timeline looks all the same, they will find out that you are spamming. Let alone gaining a customer, this way you would only make people lose trust in you.

2. Offer Quality Customer Support

If a developer provides quality support to the customers, they will be surely satisfied and are likely to spread a word about you. On the contrary, a poor quality support can make your customers share the bad experience they had with you. And this would be nothing but self destruction.

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You can enhance your customer support in the following ways:-

Always reply to customers’ requests as soon as possible. A prompt reply within 5 minutes will ensure your customers that you are trustworthy. You can also try to implement a customer relationship management (CRM) platform, such as SugarCRM, which is designed to help your business communicate with prospects, share sales information, close deals and keep customers happy.

Do not provide incorrect answers to your customers. It’s better not to provide a response in such a case. Incorrect information will only mar your reputation and credibility.

Try to be as personal as possible. This is an opportunity for you to build a strong relationship with customers. Be honest and polite. You can always do well with casual conversation instead of insisting on corporate language.

Never hesitate from learning more about your customers. After you earn your customers’ trust, you should try to learn more about them. You can ask them questions like- from where they came to know about your theme/plugin. In this way you are going to likely to receive a high response rate.

3. Promote your solution through Education

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If you have a fair knowledge about the space you are in, then nothing can stop you from publishing things which you know that they will be useful for other people. By publishing constant high quality content, you can easily build up your reputation and can get yourself counted among experts. It will also help in encouraging your potential customers. You can start with various ‘how-to’ articles. Such articles are helpful, informative, actionable and easy to remember. They also have a great impact on readers as they get to learn something from such articles.

4. Ask for a regular feedback

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You should conduct a detailed customer survey annually or semi annually. It helps you in finding out how your themes or plug-ins are doing from a customer’s perspective. To ensure that you get maximum responses, you should send emails to all your customers. You can ask the following questions in surveys:

Has the theme or plug-in solved the problems you used to have?

How often have you used out theme/plug-in?

Would it affect you in any way if you could not use our solutions due to some reason?

Will you recommend our solutions? If yes, to whom?

What would you suggest to make our solutions eve better for you?

5. Focus on getting to the top 10 list

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You should try to get into the top 10 list on a major blog. This will enable you to be counted among the best. It will also add a lot of credibility and trust to your solutions. One of the best ways to catch a blogger’s attention is to have a nicely-designed comparison page between yours’ and your competitor’s products. Your focus should be on areas you excel in. However, do not make it a one sided comparison as it will lack honesty.

6. Connect with People

If you come across someone for whom your solution would be just perfect, you should not hesitate from sending an email to the person. However, do not make it annoying by simply asking them to buy your solution. You should instead offer it as a solution that can save both their time and money.

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Remember though, it is annoying if you just come up and ask them to buy your theme/plugin in the first email conversation. Instead, offer it as solution and tell them nicely how it is going to save them time and money.

7. Track every metric

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The sooner you start tracking your metrics, the less money you will lose. By testing different metrics, you can find out what is working for you and what is not. This way you can fix up problems and improve the areas that you are lacking in. There are different metrics that you can track conversion rate (from email campaigns), exit rates, average time sent on demo page, amount of pages visited etc.

8. Keep people engaged through various means

It always works in your favor to have fun contest once in a while. It proves to be beneficial in a number of ways. First of all, it helps in engaging people and they will get an opportunity to participate in something amusing. A contest can help create news for your theme or plug-in. It also gives your potential customers an opportunity to know you better.

9. Consider every partnership possibility

As they say, it takes two to tango; you can always explore better opportunities by being in partnership rather than being alone on your own. Therefore, you should consider every partnership possibilities that come up to your way. In fact, if you are working on a WordPress theme or plug-in, you will get many opportunities for partnership.

10. Carry out Customer interviews and case studies

Customer interviews and case studies can prove to be very beneficial for you. First of all, it helps your potential customers to understand the real use-cases about your theme/plug-in. Be honest while doing customer interviews. You should neither restrict nor limit what to talk about. Allow your customers (who appreciate your solutions) to tell others how useful your solution is and how others can benefit from it.

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These are some of the great strategies that can help WordPress developers to market their solutions effectively. Follow these effective strategies to get the best out of your developing efforts after the launch of the site. It will ensure that your themes and plug-ins receive all the due attention and fame they deserve.

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