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The Healing Power of Water

It’s easy to overlook water. It makes up more than 70 percent of the Earth’s surface, and it just seems like one of those things that’s always going to be available when you need it, at least until a big drought hits. It’s essential to life. Growing up, your parents told you to drink eight glasses of water a day, even though that’s more myth than fact.

But while water is vital to hydration, it turns out it’s also a pretty good source of healing.

Bathe Yourself In The Waters of Lake Minnetonka

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Why Being Near The Ocean Can Make You Calmer And More Creative

Think about world-class athletes. Whether they’re running sprints around the track or running routes on the football field, they use water to heal afterwards. There’s a reason hot tubs are essential parts of so many teams’ training facilities: Water makes those sore muscles and stressed joints feel better. Athletes push their bodies to the limit daily, and hot tubs serve as an essential part of their recovery.

While you’ll probably never catch a game-winning touchdown in overtime, you can purchase a hot tub or spa to assist in your own healing process. Hot tubs can be placed in the backyard, or indoors if you have enough space. When the weather is cold, you and your significant other can snuggle with each other in the hot tub for warmth. And when the weather turns warm, you can invite friends over for a few beers in the hot tub. A hot tub is the perfect way to unwind before you go to sleep, especially if you’re having trouble getting relaxed. Just let the hot water and the powerful jets do their job, and you’ll be feeling refreshed in no time.

Most people shower daily, but it’s hard to make that into an especially relaxing experience, especially if you’re running late for work. Baths are considered luxurious at best and frivolous at worst in a society that puts so much value on speed and efficiency. So maybe you can’t take a long bath every day. Maybe you can only do it once or twice a month. It’s still worth re-evaluating your bathroom to ensure that everything is working as well as it can. If stepping over the lip of the tub is starting to feel dangerous, it might be time to check out an American Standard walk-in tub. The walk-in tubs are equipped with hydrotherapy systems with plenty of massage jets — 44 in fact — to soothe those tired muscles. You can alleviate your pain without sacrificing your sense of safety.

Watch For Leaks

Prevent Water Damage While You Are Away

As healing as water can be, occasionally something will go wrong with the water delivery system, better known as the pipes and drains. We’ve all been brushing or teeth or taking a shower and noticed that the water is draining kind of slowly. In fact, it might not be draining at all. There’s nothing relaxing about standing water that just won’t drain. If household drain cleaners don’t do the trick, it’s time call a plumber and ask about hydro jetting and cleaning. That process sends high-pressure water through your drain as a way to clear out whatever debris has built up inside. A plumber will need to inspect the pipe first to make sure hydro jetting is a good option. If it is, the clog will be literally blasted out, and bath time will once again become a haven of rest and relaxation.

We use water every time we cook dinner, wash our hands, or even flush the toilet. But it’s time to slow down a bit and stop taking it for granted. From hot tubs to walk-in tubs and everything in between, there are a multitude of ways to absorb all the healing powers that water has to offer. Your body will thank you later.

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