Turning A Sales Team Into A Lean, Mean, Green-Making Machine

If your business has a sales team, then there are no two ways about it. They are the money-makers in the business. They deserve more attention than any other sector of the business. Hiring the people with the right charisma and communicative abilities is a start. But it’s not the end. You have to work to turn them into the kind of team that you really brag about.

Hone their purpose

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Why Sales Training Is Critical to a Company’s Success

Training a sales team is something that should start from the beginning of their employment and always continue. For one, training allows you to form criticism in a positive learning environment instead of reprimanding them in meetings. But it’s also important to teach the principles of selling, the body language and the presentation skills of winning a customer over. Engage their minds, showing them how better to use that natural charisma of theirs to be both professional and convincing.

Give them better leads

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Salespeople absolutely need leads. In some cases, they can find them at networking events and trade shows. But you’re going to have to be supplying them with plenty more if you want to see them do more. Not just quantity, however. You need to qualify those leads. Business intelligence can help you improve your business in all kinds of ways. One of the most important is collecting and storing data on leads, seeing just how much potential they have as a customer. Not just that, but you can also provide the data the salesperson needs to specify their pitch to the individual instead of giving a generic one and hoping for the best. To better communicate the facts to them, you need to ensure they’re armed with a smartphone and the best apps to share the data, too.

Pour praise like honey

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Seven Ways To Bring Out Talent In Your Team

Salespeople are considered the rock stars of business because they are just that important. But doing a good job and making good money isn’t enough. You can show offer them more by appreciating them without the monetary bonus, but with other methods like engraved sales awards and simply praising them from time to time. People need to know they have value. Expressing the value needs a personally valuable touch. Otherwise, the motivation may simply disappear.

Realign the wheels

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When you’re changing strategies, markets, or products, you need your salespeople to be on board. Or you might just want to review the recent results. When that’s the case, arrange a sales meeting. Making it effective means having it resemble something like a sales pitch, too. You need to show them the values of the new strategy so they can better implement and understand it, too. It makes the perfect time to build a rapport with them, too, sharing stories, having a nice breakfast laid out for everyone, having another opportunity to give a bit of praise. The sales meeting can be one of the most effective ways to keep the team tight-knit and engaged.

A strong sales team can create a strong business, but don’t forget the rest of the company as well. They are the kings of the hill, but they need plenty of support and structure to keep doing what they do.

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