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5 Ways SEO and Marketing Have Changed in the Past Five Years

As technology changes so do people and the methods of reaching them. For that reason alone, marketing has become a dynamic endeavor. Tactics that worked five years ago may not give your business the advantage that you once expected.

Not only has the business world shifted from a focus on traditional marketing channels, it has embraced digital. Additionally, the number of available tools has transformed the way marketers work.

For instance, New trends in SEO and Marketing for 2023 include AI and machine learning, voice search, video content, social media, content marketing, local SEO, mobile SEO, personalization, and omnichannel marketing. Businesses need to stay up-to-date on these trends in order to be successful.

Continue reading to learn about five ways SEO and marketing have changed in the past five years and how companies have adapted to these changes. After understanding these, you will have gained insights into adapting to changes that are now in the works.


How to Build the Right Content Marketing Strategy for SEO Growth

Marketing has changed from revolving around businesses and brands to focusing on customers. Rather than trying to expand their reach, marketers now aim at creating relationships with prospects and customers.

With the shift in marketing tactics, customers have also changed. Now, they feel as though they are in charge of the shopping experience. If you fail to understand, interpret and surpass customer expectations, you will operate at a serious disadvantage, regardless of the quality of your products and services.


5 evergreen hacks for content marketing in 2018

Today’s marketing message may not work tomorrow. Five years ago, you could create a strategy and timeline for success and have repeatedly achieved similar results for every campaign.

Beyond evolving technologies and consumer behavior, other factors such as globalization are contributing to the dynamic nature of modern marketing. Mobility alone has transformed the way brands interact with customers and reach new ones. For example, you may discover that, for your business, local search has become more important than traditional search.


Why SEO Is Actually All About Content Marketing

As time passes, content has become more important than ever before. When customers find that you have provided them with the information they need and want, they will often reward you by becoming a customer. However, businesses are finding content generation as a bottleneck that stifles their growth.

Fortunately, marketers can now access Articlez, a website that gives you a chance to outsource your content creation at affordable rates. The site even offers an API so that businesses can always get the content they need, regardless of volume.


Social Media, Then and Now

Five years ago, marketers may have considered social media as an optional pursuit. Now, you can consider it a requirement. Tens of millions of people flock to their favorite social networks every day to interact with their friends, associates and favorite brands.

Rather than simply creating a profile on popular sites, create a personality for your brand and then use it to interact with your customers and followers. Also, you should publish valuable content that establishes the authority of your brand and adds value to the community. Social media offers you many benefits which can lead to the long-term growth of your brand.


How to build an SEO strategy to dominate your market

Over recent years, tools have emerged that have dramatically increased the precision with which you can define your audiences. Now, you can target people based on where they live as well as their income, interests and a broad range of other criteria.

In other words, you now have complete control over your marketing strategy and budget. You can design products for specific groups of people and spend your time reaching people who will most likely become your customers.

In summary, by taking a brief look at how marketing has changed over the past five years, you can prepare yourself for the future. Expect that the customer experience will continually grow in importance as will the quality and value of your digital content. As you move forward, stay informed so you can quickly adapt to new and exciting marketing trends.

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