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Storage Types and When to Use Them

You might be planning to move across town, expand your business, or pack a few extras things away that you don’t need hanging around the house but can’t bear to part with quite yet. Whatever your storage dilemma may be, make sure you know what types of storage are out there and which will best fit your needs.

Home Storage

53 Insanely Clever Bedroom Storage Hacks And Solutions

There are plenty of ways to organize your things right at home. It’s easy to pick up totes, hooks, and shelves at a hardware or budget store to help keep things tidy. And if you like to use a few of your handyman skills, there are options you can install yourself, letting you choose how it integrates into your home.

If the type of storage you need isn’t out there, then it’s time to get creative. Design the storage you need and build it yourself. You can put hanging shelves on the ceiling of your garage or modify hangers or desk storage containers to organize the items in your closet or bathroom.

It may take a little extra time, but if you don’t need to store much, the home storage option will serve you for a longer time period at a lower expense. Avoiding monthly storage fees is always a bonus.

Purchased Storage

The Value of a Storage Unit When Moving

If home storage just isn’t going to cut it, either because of the size of the items you want to store or how many things you’re trying to store, a storage unit is probably the best place to start. These can come in various sizes, depending on how much room you want to have and pay for, and are becoming a commonplace solution for people who move around quite a bit. There are also varieties that include packing and picking up items for you.

If you have fun outdoor toys that you can’t keep in the driveway, there is storage for your RV, boat, snowmobiles, and ATVs as well. These can be covered, uncovered, or indoor and will cost anywhere between $100-500 a month.  Comparatively, for a few items around the home, you can rent storage space starting around $20.

Commercial Storage

6 Smart Technology Tips for your Self-Storage Facility

For the budding business, you may be storing inventory in a too-small back room or even your home. It’s time to sort that out and get the space you need. It will help to first get some bulk or carton flow racks so you can make use of every inch of your space. Then, if you don’t have a lot, a classic storage unit could be enough to get you organized.

If business is absolutely booming, you should keep an eye out for warehouse rentals. When judging the cost of a warehouse rental, be sure to break it down into how much it costs per square foot. You may need to calculate the monthly or yearly rate on your own from the provided quote.

Once you’ve found the perfect location, get it organized as quickly as you can before bringing the product into its new home.

Bulk Storage

11 Clever Ways to Store All Those Things You Buy in Bulk

Maybe you’re not looking for commercial storage but you still need a ton of space for bulk items. This is something we commonly associate with farmers who need soybean storage, storage for other crops like wheat, sugar beets, or potatoes, and even storage for farming equipment and livestock.

You don’t typically rent bulk storage facilities, and they are usually built on the property, but there can be exceptions. The units you would be most familiar with are barns, cellars, granaries, or domes. These types of structures could be used as a shop or other working facility on your property as well.

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