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Now that October is in full swing, Everyone has Halloween on their mind, so today in ‘Nerdy Daily Links’ Hopefully you enjoy the Halloween store I found and linked to, it has a ton of great stuff! Everything else is a range of tutorials that I rounded up to help work on your Web Developer/Designer skills so you can always be improving! As always, comments and suggestions on making the posts better and more informative are always welcome!

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Now go get your buried treasure!

Web Development Tutorials

Adobe Air – Desktop Development Intro

Want Moar Google Products? Be the first to test them.

Twitter Entrepreneur?

Urban Dictionairy – TMI?

Web Designer/Developer/Geek t-Shirts

Halloween Costumes! (I know, nothing related to web development at all LOL oops)

37 Signals – Getting Real

  • Do you develop web applications that potentially thousands or millions of people will use? Do you want to know what the best strategy is on doing that? Well its simple. Keep it simple. MUST READ BOOK FOR ANY WEB PROGRAMMER/DEVELOPER.

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    Hey thanks for the link, hope everyone can learn to “use twitter as a serious marketing tool!”

    -Matt Wilson

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