Giveaway: Online Invoicing Application Invoicera WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

Free Subscriptions of Online Invoicing Application: Invoicera – WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

Thanks for the great turnout guys, I appreciate everyones participation!

Without further ado, The Winners Are: *drum roll*

  1. Julian Reed
  2. Sebastien Labbe
  3. SteveTheGreat
  4. Gianluigi Cuccureddu

Congratulations guys! Thanks for participating! I hope you enjoy your shiny new software!

You will be contacted via email shortly from Invoicera!

Once again we would like to thank Invoicera very much for sponsoring this contest and being so kind to give away some subscriptions to the loyal Readers! Thanks everyone!

Invoicera is a software which fortifies every individual and helps you to channelize your revenue without commencing any invoicing errors. The features such as Multiple Currency Support, Invoice Scheduling, Alerts & Reminders, Data Back-up, Late Fee Payment, to name a few, are among many features which every freelancer or an entrepreneur crave for.

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