CSS vs Flash. Aurora Helps to Make a Decision.

New AuroraFlash Site Builder is worth a look.

To use or not to use Flash, that is the question! That’s what Mr. William Shakespeare would say if he lived nowadays and was not a poet but a webmaster. Or a photographer, an artist, a graphics designer…any other creative guy willing to have professional and eye catching on line portfolio.

Exciting discussion regarding CSS advantages over flash is pretty old. We all know that in the majority of cases CSS websites were more search engine friendly, easy to modify, less expensive to create and update. (However, I have always been partial to those sexy, slick, flash portfolios you see laying around the internet.)

So with all these drawbacks Flash has one serious advantage – flash sites are much more INTERACTIVE. In the hands of a skilled developer it’s a key position. Recently I have stumbled upon AuroraFlash, and The founders of the site builder used all power of animation and interactivity, included search engine optimization features, created intuitive and easy to use WYSIWYG application interface that helps to build up stunning web sites without any special skills and a single line of coding. Which is more surprising Aurora project is non commercial and all applications, graphics libraries and updates come totally free of charge (which is a major plus!).

The main goals of the site builder are:

  1. Keep flash sites beautiful. The application comes with a set of pre designed templates and layouts. You can choose any, build your website, then change your mind and have total redesign in a couple of clicks without any risk of data loss.

  2. Make flash sites search engines friendly. Every Aurora generated website supports deep linking and you can manage the title of every page. Also as you probably know Adobe search engine SDK makes swf files searchable by Yahoo and Google.

  3. Create, update and run flash websites with less efforts and more fun. WYSIWYG flash site editor gives any computer savvy user all tools required to create amazing web page.

  4. Provide flash sites to the customers at best price ever – $0! All application patches, addons, updates, designs, layouts, contributions are free of charge now and forever.

  5. Remember about scalability and flexibility. Once created the website can be easily reconfigured, extended, redesigned and pimped up with new features.

So, with this tool it’s possible to become a real flash guru J in 2 hours, or almost real. Just download AuroraFlash, make a website and start boasting 😉

I was pretty impressed with this software from giving it a try, I have always been ‘pretty good’ at flash, but when it came to getting real complex with it, I had never had the chance to fully master it like I wanted to and build those super sexy flash portfolio type sites. With finding this application, I do believe that I will re-visit my flash interest in my free time and see what I can cook up 🙂

Below are some screenshots of the application:






I hope that you will give it a try if you are into flash, or wish you were MORE into flash. Who knows, it might help you build that flash site you always wanted, but didn’t want to invest weeks to build!

Let me know if you found this post helpful!

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    Aurora flash looks more like a builder. Is it possible to create or modify the website animation with it?

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