Sency – Real Time Search App – Review


It seems as if new real time web startups are popping up each day. The reason for this is that internet users have begun to show an affinity for real time data. In the past, search engines would show static search results based on relevancy. Today, users can find out what is happening right now, and the real time web startups are aimed at filling that need.

Today, we have reviewed real time web startup, Sency.

Sency offers both a search for users and feeds for webmasters. The search allows users to see what is going on right now. Comments from the real time web are displayed based on recency. A spam filter has been implemented in an effort to weed out some of the spam. And, to the right of the search, in the header, you will see a link for today’s most popular links. This functionality allows you to see the most popular links for a given keyword from today. So, if you search for fishing, you can see which links have been shared the most by the people with the most authority today, on the real time web. Unlike a search from a traditional search engine, results from sites such as Sency change by the minute, offering new information and a unique experience each time.

Sency has also built two widgets for other websites and blogs to publish. The first widget offers content for websites. ( The great thing about this widget is that it is completely private labeled so that it flows well with a website. There are also several customization options allowing websites to control keyword, width and height, color, as well as whether or not to display the source. The other widget allows any website or blog to display today’s most popular links for a given keyword. ( So, a blog about cooking can display a list of today’s top cooking links. The links automatically update each day allowing a website to have fresh links on their site each day.

All and all, it is interesting to see several new startups on the web. At, websites like Sency are betting that the real time web is here to stay

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