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60+ Epic Samurai Artwork w/ Inspirational Miyamoto Musashi Quotes

Today I hope you are ready to be inspired, by some amazing artwork. The Samurai. Is there anything more badass? I think not. I was very inspired today, as a conversation on twitter brought up a memory of a documentary I saw on the history channel (documentary video at bottom of this post for those interested) but it was about Miyamoto Musashi.

Who Is Musashi?

For those of you Unfamiliar with Miyamoto Musashi, basically (clickity clack that wiki link) he was one of the greatest Samurai – nay, Warriors of all time. A very prominent and inspirational historical figure in Japan – He was undefeated throughout his entire life and lived to be old enough to look back on his warrior ways, and reflect. He wrote a (Now widely known and extremely inspirational book – especially for entrepreneurial types) book called “The Book of 5 Rings“. His teachings are amazing, and his quotes are completely badass.

So I have taken some amazing artwork, Illustrations, Photography that I have found from very talented artists all over the net – and showcased them here for you today for your inspiration. I also have sprinkled Musashi’s quotes throughout this article. The goal of this post is to inspire your pants off (ladies? haha) so I hope it does! OH and at the end, I have a link to the documentary that inspired me on YouTube – its long, but its totally epic. so check it out (especially if you love history, like me, Japan, or badass Samurai).


“Do nothing that is of no use”
― Miyamoto Musashi, The Book of Five Rings

“In battle, if you you make your opponent flinch, you have already won.”
― Miyamoto Musashi

“Get beyond love and grief: exist for the good of Man.”
― Miyamoto Musashi, Book of Five Rings

“from one thing, know ten thousand things”
― Miyamoto Musashi, The Book of Five Rings: Miyamoto Musashi

“Think lightly of yourself and deeply of the world”
― Miyamoto Musashi, Book of Five Rings

“Perceive that which cannot be seen with the eye.”
― Miyamoto Musashi, Book of Five Rings

“Do not regret what you have done”
― Miyamoto Musashi, Book of Five Rings

“Know your enemy, know his sword.”
― Miyamoto Musashi, Book of Five Rings

“Respect Buddha and the gods without counting on their help”
― Miyamoto Musashi, Book of Five Rings

“Never stray from the Way.”
― Miyamoto Musashi, Book of Five Rings

“Study strategy over the years and achieve the spirit of the warrior. Today is victory over yourself of yesterday; tomorrow is your victory over lesser men.”
― Miyamoto Musashi, Book of Five Rings

“Under the sword lifted high, There is hell making you tremble. But go ahead, And you have the land of bliss.”
― Miyamoto Musashi, Book of Five Rings

“You should not have any special fondness for a particular weapon, or anything else, for that matter. Too much is the same as not enough. Without imitating anyone else, you should have as much weaponry as suits you.”
― Miyamoto Musashi, Book of Five Rings

Seriously? not enough epic Samurai action? We’ll here are some more relevant resources.

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Oh and as promised here is the history channel documentary that inspired this post – it is a truly awesome watch. Its kind of long though, if you are short on time, I will cut into 2 pieces. First hour is about all of his battles basically and history, the last 30 minutes is epic nuggets of inspiration from his enlightenment of old age (good for entrepreneurs).


Samurai – Miyamoto Musashi Documentary (Mark Dacascos)

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