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100+ Epic Concept Design

I love Interesting Concepts, Thoughts and Ideas. Easily one of my favorite things to do is to look at design concepts and get inspired to think about my own designs or ideas, then bring them to reality! Today we have some truly epic concept design for brands and products that are either real (eventually) or just made up fake products for educational purposes. We have collected these and showcased them for your inspiration! Of course the idea of a concept may be a new concept for some (see what I did there? lol) so lets take a look at what we are looking at.

What is a Concept Design?

To take a deeper look lets check out the definition on teh wiki for Concept art.

Concept art is a form of illustration where the main goal is to convey a visual representation of a design, idea, and/or mood for use in films, video games, animation, or comic books before it is put into the final product. Concept art is also referred to as visual development and/or concept design. This term can also be applied to retail design, set design, fashion design and architectural design.

Who popularized or even invented the term Concept art in reference to preproduction design is perhaps ambiguous, but it may have come about as part of automotive design for concept cars or as part of the animation industry. Certainly, both industries had need for people who did this job even if the term had not come into use. References to the term Concept Art can be found being used by Disney Animation as early as the 1930’s.

So people have been having great ideas, and mocking them up as concept art for quite some time! If you feel inspired, or have an idea you want to share with the world – then check out these awesome concept designs and see how you can do it yourself and get your idea in a concept that people can understand and help spread the word for your cause! I hope that this helps you on your next project, but whatever you use it for, I hope you ENJOY!

Coke Bottle Rebranding Design Concept

This is a really awesome concept design project by Andrew Kim. This was done purely for educational purposes and the concept doesn’t have anything to do with coke – but if they see it, they should definitely get him to help them make those bottles! Because I would totally rock some eco friendly coke bottles that looked like that. Im a big Pepsi fan myself haha.

Rubiks Cube For The Blind Design Concept

Really love this design concept just because it is so helpful to so many people. We often take for granted our sight – but we shouldn’t. I think more designers should be thinking outside of the box like this in order to help all people enjoy products, and keep people with disabilities in mind. There are plenty of people out there that would really love to be able to enjoy little things like a rubiks cube. Not only is this concept beautiful but its intention is pure – WIN. I am not sure if this concept has actually been put into play as a tangible product but it should be! Great idea.

1qm Modern Chair Design Concept

This is a really cool idea – a simple, modern and functional chair that you can put together without any tools! Brilliant! I wish everything would be this simple and easy to put together and use (and nice to look at).

Concept Heineken Beer Cube Design

This is a brilliant Idea – I would love to drink out of a cube. Beer to the third power! If Heineken didn’t pick this concept up by now I have no idea why. I don’t think it was ever made, but I think its a great idea :D.

Car Concept Art Sketches

I really like these because they are not only futuristic design concepts, but they are just generalized cars. There is no specific product or goal here, just innovation for the sake of creativity. Just shows you that you don’t really have to have a “plan” when thinking of a new concept design – the sky is the limit, just draw stuff out and see what sticks!

Love this one – looks like it is straight out of an Anime

Also some super cool headphone concept design sketches from the same sketch artist

Powder Watch Design Concept

I am not a big fan of watches, but what I am a big fan of is WATCH CONCEPTS! I have no idea why, but seeing a really nicely designed watch concept makes me drool – but I know if I was to put it on my wrist I wouldn’t like how it looks on me haha. Is that weird? Wait, Who are you calling weird!? Your weird. weirdo.

Eco Bath System Design Concept

Really nice concept for a more efficient bathroom! It is good to think of design concepts for new products that could make the world better, but it is also good (and often overlooked) to revisit existing products and ask ourselves “Can this be done better?”. This is a great example of revisiting something old and familiar and attempting to make it better!

Coffee Sweetener Concept Design

This is a really nice concept for a coffee sweetener called Nilla. I don’t think it is an actual product, but that is really exciting to see that something really awesome looking can be created out of nothing! Just use your imagination and you can create literally any product you want through design alone! Also for those freelancers who say they can’t get client work with no portfolio, make clients and products up yourself! You can have an awesome and robust portfolio with things out of your imagination without ever having a client in the first place! Who knows if someone will see your concept design and say “Hey I want to make that!” or “Buy that idea” or any of those things.

Laundry Master App – iOS Design Concept

This is awesome – It might or might not become an actual App, but the idea and design of the app is really phenomenal. Basically it would control your washing machine & dryer (I would assume? lol) and you can do your laundry via the app. Really opens up ideas for all kinds of iOS or app controlled every day appliances! Really exciting and creative stuff. Get inspired by these well designed screens!

Audi Gentleman´s Racer Concept Car Design

I LOVE this. The name fits it very well, I would totally race like a sir. Fancy & Elegantly badass race car – Audi, take this concept and run with it! lol. I will wait here sipping my tea and wearing my monocle until your done. Quite.

Biomecanik Adidas Soccer Cleats Concept

I am a big fan of really nice shoe design. This design concept is awesome, those are some good looking cleats! Although I have no need for cleats – I would rock these if I did haha.

MOVIO Smartphone Concept Design

Really nice look at a Smartphone concept design. Simple and elegant with some good features! This reminds us that if we don’t like our phone, or have an idea for one, just go ahead and draw up a better one!

Chair Concept Design

I love this chair concept – I would sit the hell out of this chair.

76 Synthesizer App Concept

This is probably one of my favorite app design concepts ever just because it is a really cool app idea that was executed nearly PERFECTLY. I think this is an actual app now – but it gives you awesome functionality while giving you the nostalgia of a realistic authentic synthesizer look and feel. It is just slick and beautiful and everyone can take something away from how well this was designed. Its like a well designed icon but the entire thing is like that!

The Next Microsoft Branding Design Concept

Last but not least one of my favorite recent concepts comes from designer Andrew Kim who created his own version of what Microsoft’s rebrand should have been. As you know, lots of people reacted negatively to Microsoft’s latest brand redesign – so I think this is interesting, that other designers can share their opinion about a redesign with their own work and “Show them how it should have been done” if you will. Really good stuff, inspirational to look at whether you like Microsoft’s new branding or not.

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What was your favorite concept? Have any epic concept product ideas of your own? let us know in the comments below! Thanks for reading!!

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