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4 Ways Live Chat Changes Online Business

In a brick-and-mortar store, you can see customers coming in, say hello to them, address questions they may come up with, give them suggestions and be an important part of their shopping process. Online business is somewhat different. You probably even don’t know if there is anyone visiting your store, let alone interacting with the visitors to promote sales. At least, that is the case when you don’t know there is a magic tool called live chat, which significantly changes the way of online business. Here is how:

You Get to See Your Visitors

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Live chat’s real-time website monitor function gives you a pair of eyes that can see who are visiting your store, which items they are looking at, how long they have been in your store, how many times they have come, where they come from, how they find you, etc.. By analyzing visitors’ navigation behavior, you can easily figure out what the visitors are interested in or what they are actually looking for and identify the visitors who have great purchasing potential. In a word, live chat empowers to observe and understand your visitors despite the limitations of the Internet.

You Have the Power to Proactively Reach Out


Fascinating as your website is, it’s still passive. If you cannot engage your visitors proactively, most of them will just leave and probably never return. Live chat gives you exactly the power to turn your website from passive to proactive. After identifying the visitors who are ready for contact, you can initiate a chat by sending them a personalized chat invitation. It can be a “hello” message showing your greetings; a piece of promotion information related to the items they are looking at, a recommendation of items that you consider they might be interested in or whatever you deem will prompt them to have a chat with you. Sending visitors the right message at the right time is the key to making them your happy customers. To make things easier, many live chat solutions provide an intelligent auto-invitation feature, which means that you can send out personalized chat invitations automatically based on pre-defined rules. Use this feature to the full; you can capture almost all the sales opportunities at ease.

You Can Help Out In Real-Time

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By placing a cool live chat button on your web pages, visitors can start a chat with you simply by clicking on the chat button. There is no need for them to install anything or log into any account. Visitors can easily get to you whenever they need your help and have their questions answered immediately. Real-time chat can remove the obstacles the minute they are born and help visitors quickly take the call-to-action. Having a real human helping along the way also makes your website look more professional and gives visitors more confidence in your brand.

Your Agent Efficiency Will be Doubled or Tripled

Improving the User Experience of ‘Live Chat’ Can Improve Sales

While one agent can only deal with one customer or one case on the phone or via email in the meantime, any trained agent can definitely handle multiple customers with live chat. Together with the help of canned responses and typing indicator, which means you can literally see what the customer is typing; the efficiency of your sales and support agents can be increased significantly.

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