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Web Design Tips for the Inexperienced Entrepreneur

Fortunately, those who understand the steps they need to take have every opportunity to succeed. The first step has to do with web design. After all, your website is your company’s digital base of operations. Here are a few easy web design tips for the inexperienced entrepreneur.

The importance of keeping it simple

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First and foremost, the minimalist approach is typically the best way to handle web design. If you put yourself in the shoes of an online visitor, you probably want to get what you came for, which was why you clicked the link in the first place. If the website takes its time and distracts you with all sorts of features, chances are you’ll leave the site before looking at anything else.

Such is the reason why it’s crucial to keep it simple when developing any site or storefront. If you go for too many flashy additions, chances are it will only increase your site’s bounce/abandonment rate.

Tackling the mobile industry

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The best thing to do is develop the website with the mobile industry in mind no matter the scenario. Most people surf the web using their smartphones, even if their laptops and computers are nearby. Considering that convenience is the name of the game, the smartphone is undoubtedly the most popular gadget in today’s digital world.

As a result, any company that builds its website for the mobile industry will reap the rewards. As a rule of thumb, the mobile version of your site/storefront should be equal to or better than your desktop version.

Additional content matters, including link building in igaming

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While a company website’s content should be the products and services it offers, there’s nothing wrong with expanding your reach and going for blogs and articles. There are many different link building tactics that can help startup owners grow their support base without taking too many risks. For example, those looking for link building for igaming would benefit from, which specializes in link building and general outreach tactics.

Keep the website loading times to a minimum

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One other reason why it’s crucial to keep things simple when developing a website/storefront is that not everyone has a long attention span. With so many things clamouring for their attention, online users typically only give business websites around 10 seconds to catch their attention. If a good chunk of that time is spent waiting for the site to load, your odds of converting users to paying customers drastically go down. Keep things simple to ensure load times are as short as possible.

If things become too overwhelming, there is always the option of hiring web design specialists to help you focus on other things. While it’s tempting to push for creativity and inspiration with web design, it’s often best to keep things simple and professional.

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