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8 Common Causes of Workplace Accidents

Workplace accidents affect millions of Americans every single year. These accidents often occur due to either employee or employer negligence, but they also can occur due to sheer random chance as well. Being aware of potential hazards at your workplace, and taking care of yourself while you’re on the job, can ensure that you avoid workplace accidents and injuries. To stay safe, it’s important to educate yourself about the eight most common causes of workplace accidents in the US: 

1. Slip and Fall Incidents

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Perhaps one of the most infamous workplace injuries is slip and fall incidents. When a surface is not properly maintained, it can lead to serious, and even deadly, workplace injuries. Workplace managers must ensure surfaces are not wet, that they are even, and that they are free of any tripping hazards. According to a Chicago workers’ compensation attorney, slip and fall accidents are especially dangerous for elderly employees. 

2. Lower-Level Falls

When an employee falls from an intense height, the devastating impact can lead to fractures, concussions, and other serious conditions. If an employee falls past a single level, or from a large height, the incident is known as a lower-level fall. Thankfully, employers are often vigilant about handling hazards that could potentially lead to these devastating and frightening workplace injuries. This helps to keep workers from suffering financial catastrophe due to workplace injuries. 

3. Overexertion 

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Nobody has limitless energy and stamina. When we overexert ourselves, we put ourselves at serious risk of becoming injured on the job. Whether you’re making a mistake that leads to injury due to overexertion, or the overexertion itself causes you to sustain some type of strain or other-related injury, overexertion can be incredibly dangerous. Taking reasonable breaks from your job can help you avoid dangerous instances of overexertion. 

4. Roadway Incidents 

Many employees spend the majority of their on-the-clock time on roadways. Truck drivers are especially relevant in this regard. Because car accidents are already fairly common, driver-centric career employees are likely to have at least one accident throughout their careers. A lot of these accidents do not lead to major injuries, but some can shake up an employee’s life for years to come. 

5. Being Struck By Equipment 

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If you’re working in a factory setting, this injury becomes much more likely. Being struck by a falling object, or a piece of rogue equipment, can lead to devastating workplace injuries. These injuries are unfortunately quite common and are shown to make up nearly 10% of all workers’ comp claims every single year. Thankfully, most of these suits are settled, allowing workers to recover financially. 

6. Bodily Reactions 

Alongside overexertion, bodily reactions due to working conditions or environments are one of the most common causes of workplace injuries. Excessive physical motion, repetitive actions, allergic reactions, and other strenuous effort and/or exposure can cause these workplace injuries to occur. Ultimately, it’s the job of the employer to ensure that employees are not thrust into a workplace environment or culture where they’re likely to suffer from bodily reactions. 

7. Non-Fall Tripping Accidents 

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Tripping does not always lead to falling, or the typical slip and fall accident. Non-fall accidents caused by tripping can also lead to harsh, and even long-term injuries. Strains, sprains, fractures, and other long-term issues can arise from this type of workplace injury. Being attentive during your workday, and watching for potential tripping hazards, can protect you from these injuries. 

8. Getting Stuck

Some of the most tragic accidents and workplace injuries occur when employees get caught between pieces of equipment or find themselves stuck due to other harsh circumstances. These injuries are well-known for leading to devastating and even deadly, workplace injuries. If you experience this type of injury, you are likely qualified for a large, impressive workers’ comp payout. The often psychologically traumatizing nature of getting stuck makes this workplace injury that much more frightening and destructive. 

Stay Safe on The Job

By carefully watching out for hazards that could lead to any of these eight injuries, you’ll have a much safer workday. If you spot a fellow employee acting in a reckless, hazardous fashion, you need to say something immediately, as this will help you prevent workplace accidents. When you find yourself injured due to a workplace injury, hiring a quality workers’ comp attorney can help ensure that you receive the type of strong workers’ comp payout that you deserve. After all, this financial assistance may be essential to your ability to handle the physical and financial fallout of a workplace injury.

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