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40+ Creative Sticker Label Inspirations In Package Design

Sticker Labels. We see them, literally everywhere, but how many times do you really relate sticker labels directly to package design? Probably not often! Most people just consume without realizing it (I know I do). I sometimes forget that all you really need to have a simple, elegant and beautiful package is to just have a nice simple box, or jar, or bottle, and stick a label on it! The label makes all the difference. So today we have rounded up some very excellent examples of stunning package design with some creative use of Label Stickers. If you are working on a similar project, or have been thinking of using one of those online sticker printing services, go all in, go for it – this showcase will surely inspire you or give you some neat ideas to add to your project to make it really shine :). Enjoy!

Need more sticker label branding inspiration!? How about some RESOURCES to make your own sticker labels? Well here are some Bonus Resources!

Bonus Sticker Label Resource Downloads

INNOVATION TOOLKIT: Write, Draw, Sketch, Brainstorm

Stickers that encourage drawing, sketching, writing, and brainstorming. Click through and go to the bottom of the page, you will see a download you can use to make your own innovation toolkit, feel free to download and print your own set of stickers!

Custom Badges & Labels Templates

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