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The Best (and Free) SEO Tools for 2016

SEO has always been an ongoing effort. You can’t just set up an SEO campaign and expect the best results that last forever. This is part of the reasons why there are so many SEO tools available, either as a software or a web service. In this article, we are going to focus on the best free SEO tools you can use to stay ahead of the game this year.

Keyword Research

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Every good SEO campaign starts with good research and planning. You need to figure out the right keywords to target based on a number of aspects, including the particular market segment you are trying to reach.

You can use tools such as AdWords keyword research to help you find great keywords to target, but the one I’m recommending is Ubersuggest. It is much more detailed than most of the free tools available and you can get a lot of great keyword suggestions based on your own parameters.

According to the guys at BlueHat Marketing, Ubersuggest also very valuable because it works with multiple languages. It can also find keywords from other Google services, including YouTube and Google Image Search. On top of that, Ubersuggest can help you expand your primary keywords and find effective long-tail keywords to target as well.

Broken Links & Link Building

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Finding broken links for the purpose of link building is one of the oldest SEO tricks in the book. Today, there are plenty of tools and apps that can help you search the World Wide Web for the right broken links to pursue. LinkMiner, however, is a Chrome extension that will simplify the entire process for you.

Once installed, LinkMiner will add an icon to the top-right corner of your Chrome browser. Whenever you visit a page, you can click on that icon to scan for broken links. Working links are marked green while broken ones are marked red. From there, you can choose to utilize the information to support your SEO campaign.

You can also get more information on individual link. For instance, you can find the number of backlinks the URL has as well as the number of referring domains for it. This tools is highly useful for competitor research or for tracking your own SEO performance, especially when you are in the process of evaluating your SEO campaign.

Site Analysis

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As mentioned at the beginning of the article, SEO is an ongoing effort. You need to monitor your campaign and see how your site is performing SEO-wise. For the task, the SEO & Website Analysis from WooRank is a good tool to use.

SEO & Website Analysis can be accessed as a web service or as a Chrome extension directly from your browser. The later is the better option to choose simply because it makes analyzing your entire site much easier to do. Keep in mind that you will not be able to access all of the Chrome extension’s features because this is actually a paid service, but the information you can get for free can really help you understand a lot about your site’s SEO performance.

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