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How to Keep Your Business Looking Great

The way your business looks is a stark reflection on how you run it, and indeed the business owner himself. Keeping your business area clean and looking generally tidy can not only impress existing and prospective clients but it can also keep your workforce happier and more willing to work, no one wants to work in a dirty environment, whether it’s in an office or taxi cab. Here are some great tips to keep your business looking great.

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Foster The Right Mentality

The employees are what makes a business succeed or fail, and it’s up to the business owner or manager to ensure the employees are working to a good standard. This certainly includes keeping your place of work looking good. It’s all too easy for employees to rely too heavily on the cleaners and not clean up after themselves. But they should, if cleaners are cleaning up after an employee’s mess then they aren’t doing what they should be. Drum into your employees that they should be keeping all of their workstations tidy and clutter free, keep the same rules in the employee break room, ensuring all kinds of plates get cleaned up. If employees go forward with the right mentality it’ll keep your workplace far more tidier.

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Hire A Great Cleaning Team

You need to hire the best cleaning team for the best rate. You need to realize commercial cleaning is not easy and if you want the best results you certainly need to hire, especially if your business location is quite large. Getting your office cleaned commercially means it will smell great every morning, again building on employee happiness to drive your business forward. It also keeps your workplace safe, as bacteria which could contain flu viruses are routinely eliminated by cutting edge cleaning technologies. This keeps your workforce working at maximum capacity.

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Use Matting

Matting placed in strategic locations, such as just behind the main entrance doors, can trap dust and leaves to stop them getting walked into the office. They can also dry wet shoes to help prevent slips and falls. You can see some different types of entrance mats here. They really can stop mud prints being trodden across your floors which looks dirty and unprofessional, not something you’d want a client to see in any circumstances.

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Provide The Right Equipment

You can’t expect your employees to chip in and help if they haven’t got the right equipment. Make sure you have strategically placed litter bins and recycling bins so people don’t or can’t litter anywhere. Also, provide antibacterial spray and cloths for washing down desks and cleaning spillages. Anti-static cloths should also be provided to clean down computer and TV screens. Dish cloths and washing up liquid should be provided in the break room and a mop and bucket in case there are any larger spillages across your property. Providing equipment shows you’re serious about cleaning and means your employees can’t ignore it. Set an example by washing dishes and cleaning down your desk at the end of each day, people will follow suit.

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