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SME Lawsuits: Don’t Get Sued, Get Even

When 80% of the world’s lawyers live in the USA, there is a reason to be wary. Then, factor in the fact that there are 15 million civil cases each year and there’s a reason to be scared. America is the land of the free, and the nation that uses suits to play God. SME bosses, then, should expect to see a fat pile of paper land on their desk at some point. But, what if it didn’t happen? What if you were the anomaly which proved the rule? It sounds impossible but it’s more than a pipe dream thanks to the following tips.

Watch Your Words

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In the past, an entrepreneur could say what he or she wanted without fear of reprisal. People used to accept whatever they heard and wouldn’t blink an eye. Today, it’s different because an aggrieved party will speak to their attorney if a line is crossed. And, it’s hard to tell when your foot is over the edge and when it’s behind it. The most basic weapon at your disposal is silence. When something sounds potentially libelous or slanderous, then it’s best to stay tight-lipped. Be careful even in private because there is no way to tell who you can trust.

Treat Employees Well

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Bosses who act as if they are above their staff are the ones who end up in court. Why? It’s because it’s easier to rid the feelings of guilt when you don’t like a person. So, being polite is one way to avoid a day in front of a judge. Businesses have a duty of care to their employees and it’s important not to neglect this aspect of the job. An individual trained in first aid is mandatory, but an automated dispensing cabinet adds another element. It’s hard to say you didn’t act in their interests when the equipment goes above and beyond what is generally in an office building.

Separate The Personal From The Corporate

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How to Protect Your Personal Finances From Business Risks

There are lots of ways to formulate a business. A limited company is a popular choice, as is a sole proprietorship, yet the latter is dangerous. From a legal standpoint, it leaves you open to proceedings as well as the business. Because everything goes through a single trader, he or she is culpable in the eyes of the law. The firm may still take a hit, but at least switching to a PLC will save your assets. And, that’s the most important thing in many respects.

Hire A Top Attorney

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Don’t worry though because there is still one way to save the organization. The key is to hire a great lawyer. But, he or she shouldn’t have a trial focus. Instead, opt for one who understands how to dismiss or settle cases. That way, there is no reason to let a judge decide the outcome. Trial lawyers usually get the PR as it is sexy to go to court and win. However, it’s better for your nerves if it didn’t go before a judge in the first place.

Would you prefer to get sued or to get even?

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