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How You Can Be More Productive When Working For Yourself

Working for yourself, be that as a freelancer or on your own business venture can be quite a lonely place to be. You are relying on yourself, and your actions to make the dream that you are pursuing a reality. However, working from home or working for yourself can mean that you are less productive as you would be when you are contracted to work certain areas in a certain location. So how can you replicate that doing your own thing? I thought I would share with you some of the ways you can be more productive working for yourself.

Have a dedicated spot to work from home

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It is important to have a dedicated spot to work from home when you work for yourself. Working from home can mean that you are distracted with household chores and things like the TV. So if you do have a dedicated space to work it can mean that you are more productive and you can differentiate between working and home life.

Consider working outside of the home sometimes

However, it can feel quite daunting working from home all of the time and certainly feel lonely when there is no one else at home, so I suggest that working outside of the home can be quite productive as well. Taking yourself off to a cafe to work remotely and people watch can actually fill you with inspiration and motivation. Also companies like Level Office can offer things like shared workspaces and offices, chin means that even though you work for yourself you can still have that commute to work if you want.

Figure out when you are most productive

Almost everyone is creative around the same time every day

It is also important to work out the times of the day that you might be more productive. It may sound crazy, but if you work well in the mornings then this should be your optimal time to work, just as much as evenings might be better for you. Working when suits is one of the best benefits of working for yourself, and as you are more productive you might get more out of it in less time.

Managing your time effectively

You also need to ensure that you manage your time more effectively. It may feel like you have the whole day and night, but equally this time can actually escape you very quickly if you are not careful. Learning time management skills like time blocking and focusing on one task at a time can help you to become more productive with the work you have.

Taking care of yourself

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Finally, you still need to take better care of yourself when it comes to working at home or remotely. In an office environment and being employed you are encouraged to take regular breaks and time for lunch, so apply the same principals when you work from home. It can make a huge difference to your day and help you to be more productive.

I hope that these tips help you to be more productive when working for yourself.

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