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3 Easy Ways to Get Out of Medical Bill Debt

So, you were responsible. You didn’t buy things you couldn’t afford. You lived within your means. You planned for the future with a savings account but, one accident or illness completely derailed your financial world. This happens every day. Even though you prepared for the worst, you medical bills are just too high. You should try to take care of those bills as quickly as possible so that your credit, which you worked so hard for, isn’t ruined. Here are a few ways to quickly take care of your debt.

Extra Work

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There are endless ways to earn extra money. Let’s take a look at some good options.

Work extra hours at your current job. If your job is hourly, you may be able to ask for extra hours. If this is the case, great! If it’s not, there are plenty more ways to earn extra income.

Become an Uber Driver. This is a good way to make money if you have a car and need a flexible schedule. You can choose when you want to work and how much. You can also earn tips, which really adds up.

Lawn Care. If it is lawn care season, you’re in luck. This is a quick way to earn money and it doesn’t require a ton of skills. It can also be recurring income.

If you need to work from home, these are good options.

Online Content Producer. If you can write, this is probably the easiest stay at home job. You do not have to be an expert level writer. You will be able to find many jobs within your skill level. This is another job that you can work as much as you’d like.

Remote Customer Service. Large corporations know that people want to work from home. They have started offering customer service jobs that work from home. Many of those companies, like Amazon, pay well.

Sell Items

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Almost everyone has a closet or garage full of stuff that they no longer need or use. If this is true for you, it is time to declutter and sell what you don’t need. Sporting equipment, clothes, and baby gear are always top sellers. You can sell these items at a yard sale and places, like Ebay.

If you don’t have enough belongings to sell, there are still ways to sell things to make money. If you have a craft or skill, you can sell those. People are always looking for handmade things like, blankets, customized cups or attire, and decor. If you can make something to sell, you can sell them through Etsy.

Get a loan

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If you can’t use the tips above, many medical facilities will offer a discount if you can pay one lump sum. Depending on your bill, that may not be an option. Hospitals and many doctor office will let you make payments. It is usually six months to one year. Hopefully, this option works for you. If you are going to need more time and perhaps a smaller monthly payment, you may need to look at getting a loan. If you can’t pay your bills off with payments through the medical facility on the timeline they allowed, they will send your account to collections, even though you may have never missed a payment. This is very damaging to your credit. There are many types of loans, but a unsecured loan is a good choice. According to one source, “Unsecured means that you are offering no collateral. Collateral is usually in the form of a vehicle, investment product or real estate.” Be sure you can afford the monthly payments because missing payments for this is just as harmful to your credit.

If you’ve found yourself in medical debt, try these tips to reduce or eliminate it. If your bills are just too high, you may try a combination, like working extra hours and selling unused belongings. Hopefully, this helps you reduce your debt.

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