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7 Personal Finance Tips You Need to Know

Financial success doesn’t happen by accident. If you’re hoping to build wealth, you’ll need to be very strategic about how you earn, spend, and save your money. Read on for


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Keeping Up Your Journal For Good

The idea of journaling is often an attractive one. Not only can it help you remember matters or express yourself through the written word, but it can also help you



How to Behave On Your First Date

First dates may be stressful or fun, depending on your confidence and experience. Although dating has transformed with the advance of social media, the same old people skills are still


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3 Easy Ways to Get Out of Medical Bill Debt

So, you were responsible. You didn’t buy things you couldn’t afford. You lived within your means. You planned for the future with a savings account but, one accident or illness


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Crafting the Perfect Proposal

We tend to associate holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day with engagements. That’s in large part because of how we’re bombarded with jewelry commercials right around those times. The truth


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Important Financial Management Tips To Help a Business Owner

One of the best ways for a person to get the freedom they are looking for in their work situation is by taking the time to start their own business.


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Don’t Buy Cheap on These 3 Things – It Just Doesn’t Pay

Have you ever heard the expression “Buy cheap, buy twice?” It means that it will eventually cost you more to replace a cheap item than it would have been to


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How Much Is Too Much? Sharing Personal Information as a Brand Persona

Back in the old days, news like graduations, engagements, births and new jobs were shared in local newspapers and trade journals. Social media has pretty much taken over these platforms